Remote Working


Conference calling reduces carbon impact

Teleconferencing is the preferred means of business communication today because it helps save time, money and even the environment. Call conferencing eliminates the need for frequent travel and cuts down the greenhouse gas emissions that are caused by automobiles and air crafts.

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Elliot GreenConference calling reduces carbon impact

Conference calling: work from home with confidence

Working from home is a very appealing concept. Small business owners and self employed professionals find it very beneficial to work from home because they do not have to bear the expenses of a separate office space. Even those who work in regular offices for large companies may find it advantageous to work from home if they are a bit under the weather, or cannot get to the office for a few days due to any other reason.

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Elliot GreenConference calling: work from home with confidence

Home working and conference calling

The advent of Internet has changed the way people communicate and even how they work. Broadband internet connections enable you to work right from the comfort of your home and to avoid those frustrating traffic snarls and daily commutes. If you work from home, conference calls are ideal for you to be in touch with your colleagues or clients on a regular basis.

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Elliot GreenHome working and conference calling

Some scenarios for using audio conferencing

Audio call conferencing is one of the most popular ways for businesses to bring down travel and accommodation expenses. There is no requirement for specialised knowledge or expensive equipment to participate in a voice conference. More and more businesses are choosing conferencing services to communicate with employees, business partners and clients, instead of organising elaborate meetings in person.

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Elliot GreenSome scenarios for using audio conferencing