How to find a genuinely free conference call service

In our modern day, successfully running a business without using a conference call service would be extremely difficult. But why should making use of this crucial business tool deplete your business’s funds? Incurring huge bills from your conference calling is an issue that can be easily resolved – you just need to find a service providing genuinely free conference calls.

Most of the services you are likely to have used or encountered provide their users with a dial-in number which actually costs participants to ring, while actually claiming to be a free service. That way, by not charging membership fees or displaying a cost per phone call and so on, many are able to deceptively present themselves as ‘free’. Of course, they can end up costing a hefty sum of money.

The trick, then, is to find a conference call bridge which will provide you with a dial-in number which is friendly to your location and telephone plan. In the UK, for guaranteed free conference dial-in, you need a service which you dial into from an 01, 02 or 03 number, all of which are charged at the standard rate for landlines, rather than premium rate 08 numbers. By using these 01, 02 or 03 numbers, you can ensure that you get a totally free conference call, as it will simply be included within your bundled minutes, therefore not costing you a penny.

Of course, it’s often not as simple as needing a straightforward conference call which more than two participants can dial into. Some services go on to charge a large amount for having more than, for example, 10 members. It’s important that, if you want 100% free conference calls, the conference call is not only free to dial, but the service doesn’t limit the services and features made available to you free of charge. Some conference call bridges appear at first to be free, offering a short free trial, or sometimes a very limited feature set for any customers not paying for a subscription. That means that what can begin as, or seem to be, a truly free conferencing number, ends up costing you as you gradually realise you need more and more of the additional services, all of which may cost you.

WHYPAY? is a conference call bridge which actually does offer genuinely free conference calling, charging you absolutely nothing for its service and requiring no sign-up, registration fee or membership details to be provided. As long as you have bundled minutes available, placing a call to one of its 03 numbers will literally cost you nothing. So be careful next time you’re dialling into a conference call – ensure you make the right decision. After all, when totally free conference calls are available, why pay?

AdminHow to find a genuinely free conference call service
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