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The only way you'll get Kieron to empty his pockets to pay for a conference call!

The only way you’ll get Kieron to empty his pockets to pay for a conference call!


Here's something for nothing

WHYPAY? is operated by Call Collective Limited, a leading innovator in the telecoms sector. Since 2007, we’ve been looking for ways to provide excellent communication services at low – and where possible, zero – cost to our users.

Following regulatory changes made by Ofcom in 2007 – which introduced a new number range (03) – the team set about creating a brand new, free voice conferencing service which brought genuine benefits to people dialling into conference rooms from mobile phones. This service was originally named 03TALK (later rebranded as WHYPAY?) and was made possible because new Ofcom regulations stipulated that calls to numbers in the 03 range MUST be included in bundled minutes for UK callers, whether made from a fixed line or a mobile telephone.

Several years on, WHYPAY? continues to provide a free, no-frills conferencing service. Other “free conferencing” services typically use 084 numbers or voice short codes, which may be specifically excluded from bundles and are often charged at a much higher rate. WHYPAY? is able to offer its service cost-free due to receiving a small wholesale outpayment from BT for calls made to its 03 dial-in number.

As well as enabling users to make genuinely free conference calls, 10 per cent of WHYPAY? gross revenue goes directly to support the work of the Wonderful Organisation, a non-profit fee-free fundraising platform operated by Call Collective’s Managing Director, Kieron James.

Following frequent requests for advanced features and customisation from loyal WHYPAY? customers we introduced a fully featured web conferencing platform in 2017. Call.Group may be custom branded and offers advanced features like HD video conferencing, audio and video recording, audio transcripts, screen sharing and live chat. Call.Group is ideal for those looking for a rich conferencing experience, accessible from anywhere and competitively priced.

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We all like to give back. This is why 10% of gross revenue generated by WHYPAY? goes directly to the Wonderful Organisation each month. Wonderful allows individuals to create charity fundraising pages, but unlike other sites, it uniquely guarantees that 100% of donations and every penny of Gift Aid reaches the charities which fundraisers are supporting, making no deductions whatsoever to meet its own costs. At, costs are covered by partners like us. If you’re taking part in a run, swim, cycle ride, cake bake, or any other fundraising event, please visit first.

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