No such thing as a free lunch? Nonsense.



At WHYPAY? we love free and simple. We don’t make you jump through hoops to use our conference service and free account creation is not necessary to get you conferencing. That said, if you do choose to set up a free account with us, we’re able to offer lots of additional features. For more information on how it works and what’s on offer, you might want to take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions.


Quick Conference (no sign up required)

  • An instant, free and permanent conference room;
  • An 03 access number (calls included in bundled minutes from mobiles and landlines);
  • Up to 100 participants can join your conference call.

Create a Quick Conference


Register with WHYPAY? (quick and free)

  • Create and name up to 50 different conference rooms;
  • Turn on call recording and select which participants receive your audio files;
  • Schedule conferences and set their recurrence;
  • Invite participants and attach meeting notes;
  • Announce each participant as they join your call;
  • View your conference call history;
  • Receive discount codes for our Call.Group paid plans.

Create a Free Account

Need more? We have you covered

Check out our other conference services. From our Free Forever to Enterprise plans, Call.Group offers fully-featured, intuitive web conferencing.

  • Connect

    HD video conferencing, screen sharing, live chat, telephone access for up to 100 participants and 10 online participants and much more.

    £7.50 / month +VAT

  • Professional

    HD video conferencing, screen sharing, automatic audio transcripts, audio recording, up to 250 telephone participants with 15 international access numbers including Europe and the US, custom branding and much more.

    £25 / month + VAT

  • Enterprise

    Bells, whistles and extra sprinkles. Our Enterprise Plan comes fully loaded with HD video conferencing, audio and video recording, live YouTube streaming, screen and document sharing, automatic audio transcripts, up to 100 online participants and 500 joining via your 03 number, custom branding, more than 40 international access numbers and much more.

    £40 / month + VAT

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