Fully featured, ultra-reliable telephone conferencing.

We keep it 03.

Because your conference guests deserve better.

We set out to provide the best free conference call service, to show there really is no need to pay for your conference calls. Even if you want nifty features and choose to sign up for a paid plan, no guest should have to pay to participate in a conference call. And with WHYPAY? they never will.

£266,431 saved in May alone!

All WHYPAY? conference rooms - whether on the Free, Plus or Pro plan - are accessed using free conference call numbers. All our dial-in numbers are 03 numbers. Calls to these numbers are included within UK callers’ bundled minutes, or charged at the standard landline rate. Essentially, this lets your guests avoid conference call charges. As long as they have bundled minutes available, they won’t part with a penny.

Simple, easy conference calls

User-friendly by nature.

From the most technically adept to the sworn technophobe, staying in touch with loved ones and colleagues matters to everyone. WHYPAY? was created to offer simple conference calls with easy set-up.

  1. Sign up to receive your dial-in number, room number and PIN.

  2. Send your conference invitation including these details.

  3. Everyone dials in from their own phones using your details, entering the room number and PIN on their telephone keypad when prompted.

If you want conference calls made easy, WHYPAY? is the service for you.

  Speed Dial

With Speed Dial, your dial-in number, room number and PIN will be auto-filled, granting one-tap access to your conference room.

Genuinely FREE


Basic teleconferencing is on us. Sign up to a competitively priced plan for extra features.

Top-tier support


We don't cut corners when it comes to supporting customers. Get help via live chat, telephone and email.



Your conference details are always available and ready for use. Host instant conference calls whenever you need to connect with others

True reliability

Other providers shout about call quality but don’t have the customer reviews to back it up.

We aim to provide the most reliable conference call service and our Trustpilot score speaks for itself.

Our service operates over a highly resilient carrier network. Using multiple ingress and egress routes to our service, we can continue to function even when our upstream peers have localised issues. That means we provide truly reliable conference calls.

We also use capacity planning to ensure increases in traffic are forecasted, so we can put measures in place to handle these increases. All hardware that supports the service is hosted in industry-standard secure data centres. This, too, ensures stability and quality of the voice traffic.

Up to 100 participants

Hold large conference calls with up to 50 callers as standard.

Upgrade to a paid plan to host up to 100 participants at once.

Up to 100 rooms

Create up too 100 individual conference rooms for different types of calls.

Part of a large organisation? Add multiple colleagues as conference organisers, each with their own room.

Permanently yours

Gone are the days of generating and sharing new dial-in information before every call (unless you want to).

Your dial-in details are yours forever. Dial into your conference room anytime, as often as you like.

Scheduling and invitations

Our free conference call scheduler is easy and quick to use. By simply ticking a box, you can also schedule a conference call email to your guests. It will include all of the dial-in details (and the useful Speed Dial function!), as well as the time of the call.

Tight security

How secure is a free conference call? Your conference call security has been front-of-mind since WHYPAY?'s inception, with private PINs and unique room numbers. Our website is 128-bit TLS certified and hosted on UK servers, so all web-based communication and call recordings are safe from prying eyes.

Call recording

Meeting minutes and revision notes couldn't be easier with conference call recording. We provide 14 days' worth of free storage and automatic download notifications for you and your selected recording recipients.

How do we compare with other telephone conferencing providers?

WHYPAY? Conference Now CON-FLAB
Mobile call cost FREE £6 FREE
Landline call cost FREE £8.26 £8.26
Moderator controls Plus subscription - £4 FREE FREE
Call recording Plus subscription - £4 FREE FREE
Custom branding Pro subscription - £8 Not available Not available

Moderator controls

As a call host you need full control. Our conference call moderator tools keep you in the driving seat.

Plus plan feature

Moderator PINs

Special Moderator PINs let you decide who has access to Moderator controls during the call.

Moderators have full access to keypad controls and you can set your calls to start only once a Moderator has joined.

Telephone keypad controls

Stay in control of your teleconference even after it’s begun by entering conference call commands via the keypad on your handset:

* 1 - Mute or unmute yourself

* 2 - Mute or unmute all Guests

* 3 - Hear the current number of participants

* 4 - Lock or unlock the conference to further Guests

* 5 - Remove all Guests

Muting modes

With advanced conference call muting modes you can determine who will be able to speak during the conference call before it even starts, which saves you having to mute and unmute during your conference call.

Conversation mode

The standard setting - everyone can be heard when they join. Individual callers can mute their own audio.

Listen mode

Only Moderators can be heard when they join. Guests are muted automatically but are able to unmute themselves.

Panel mode

As with Listen mode Guests are muted when joining, but in Panel mode they can’t un-mute themselves. Perfect for larger calls where Moderators should be uninterrupted. As with Listen mode Guests are muted when joining, but in Panel mode they can’t un-mute themselves. Perfect for larger calls where Moderators should be uninterrupted.

Custom branding

Get the ultimate bespoke conference calls. With custom branding, customers are able to put themselves and their brand centre stage.

Pro plan feature

Branded welcome greeting

With custom branding features you get brand-neutral conference calls as standard, along with the option to upload your very own branded welcome greeting.

Professional conference welcome greetings are also available (for a one-off fee).

Choice of hold music

Conference call hold music can be a personal choice. We let you choose from a range of carefully selected tracks so you can get the right fit for your brand.

Branded email invitations

Set your logo and colour scheme to appear on all conference invitations sent from your online account, so your brand is reinforced from the moment your call invitation is received.

Which plan do I need?

Unlimited telephone conferencing with up to 50 participants won’t cost you a penny, but paid plans will get you advanced featues.

FREE PLUS £4/mo PRO£8/mo
1 conference room 4 conference rooms 8 conference rooms
Unlimited use Unlimited use Unlimited use
Call scheduling Call scheduling Call scheduling
Moderator controls Moderator controls
Call recording Call recording
Custom branding