Should you hold conference calls or a video calls?

A lot of us often wonder about whether to choose conference calls or video calls. There are big benefits on both sides, and some shared across the two. After all, there’s no doubt that advancements in call technology have paved the way for new communication methods at work. They allow us to host keynote presentations from across the world, offering inclusivity to those with accessibility needs. Any type of group phone call also provides a sense of connection when teammates are working apart – something particularly valuable through COVID-related lockdowns and social distancing.

But while jumping on a video call has become a knee-jerk reaction for many, it’s not without its drawbacks. Video brings some complications that traditional conference calls simply don’t have. If you’re wondering whether to organise a conference call or video call, don’t forget that sometimes just picking up the phone is the better option.

Stand-up meetings

When weighing up conference calls versus video calls, duration might be an unexpectedly significant factor. For managers and team members alike, many enjoy daily stand-up meetings as an energised and productive conversation with colleagues. This technique is used within many project management styles and is proven to improve communication efficiency. However, for teams looking to keep daily catchups short, video calls may not be the answer, as they tend to slow things down. Not only do we feel we need a little more time to prepare ourselves and our surroundings, but getting everybody up and running can be an arduous and tedious task!

Stand-up meetings offer everyone a chance to take a break from their screens, but the temptation to take notes or research while sitting down during the video call defeats the purpose. Hosting the meeting via audio call can solve these problems. Grab a pair of headphones, dial into your conference call and watch your stand-up meeting return to life. Don’t worry if this is new to you. You can find your footing without spending a penny with WHYPAY?’s free conference call plan.


Conference calls or video calls for onsite workers?

Video conferencing is an excellent tool for office-based workers. But one group who will certainly have thought long about whether to hold a conference call or video call will be businesses with team members who work onsite. Having to leave your work to find somewhere suitable to set up your laptop for a video call can waste valuable time. This can often be because the site is too noisy, privacy is required, or you need somewhere to present from your laptop. If you are not presenting for your next meeting, why not consider taking it via a conference call on the go?



Many workplaces have introduced new innovative ways to host catchups with colleagues. Some choose to go for a coffee, others go for outdoor walks. However, most of us will be working from home, and 1-2-1s will likely be conducted remotely, either via conference call or video call. Arguably, if presenting isn’t involved, the meeting could be held on an audio call. Video conferencing can be distracting, as people become too busy posing in the camera or even having a nosey of their colleague’s spare room.

Plus, it can make us feel a little more rigid and on-display. You’re bound to feel more open, relaxed and comfortable sitting on the sofa in your comfies that in work attire at your desk, with your camera fixed firmly on your face. And being more open almost always leads to better communication. The contest of video conferencing vs conference calls is clear in this scenario – step away from your computer and enjoy your 1-2-1 over the phone!


For the older technophobes the question of conference call or video call is easy

Some people associate video calling platforms with ease, and there are definitely some good solutions out there. But many of them are not very intuitive or reliable. What’s more, it’s all relative. For older people less familiar with using different computer programmes or softwares, video calls are intimidating. In fact, some people don’t even have access to computers or phones with cameras. And many aren’t altogether comfortable using the internet.

You may have managers, colleagues or customers who could struggle to use web-based conferencing platforms. This can disrupt the meeting agenda‘s flow. It also might cost you their valuable input as they attempt to navigate the confusing interface. If you find that web and video-based approaches overcomplicates matters, the question of conference call or video call has been answered for you. With WHYPAY?, joining a conference call is as simple, quick, easy (and free!) as calling any other UK landline. 


Conference calls trump video calls when technology fails us

Without a doubt, video calling is a valuable tool. But sometimes it is not as reliable as we would like it to be. Say that your WiFi goes down; you don’t necessarily have to rearrange your conference with an important client or big-time CXO.

But switching to a conference call over a video conference doesn’t have to mean losing out on useful features and functions. There are loads of great conference call features to try, especially if you choose the right conference call provider and plan. For example, things like designated private conference rooms are handy for sensitive and confidential meetings. Simply send over your dial-in number, room number and PIN, and continue as you were. Problem solved!

You can also use features like call recording for easy minutes. Participant announcements add security and clarity to your call. There are also muting modes to help everything run smoothly.


Conference calls or video calls: a question of circumstance

Whether you are running the conference or you’re a participant, it is easy to revert to video conferencing. However, sometimes a conference call is easier for colleagues and more appropriate for everyone – our conference call reviews highlight why. Many of us spend far too much time gazing into our rectangular screens. Why not use conference calls as an opportunity to share a much-deserved break?

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AdminShould you hold conference calls or a video calls?
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