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How WHYPAY? is Different

WHYPAY? is not the same as other conference call providers. Our 03 dial-in number is included in your bundled minutes under Ofcom regulations.

033 3443 3443

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What's more, we don't charge you for access to any extra features!

Check with your phone provider to find out your bundled minutes allowance. Calls outside your bundled minutes are charged at your standard rate to 01/02/03 numbers.


Genuinely Free Conference Calls

Calls to our 03 dial-in number MUST count towards any inclusive minutes offered by your fixed or mobile network operator. This is an Ofcom regulation. If you have bundled minutes available at the time you dial into a WHYPAY? conference call, your call is included within those minutes. If you don't have bundled or unlimited minutes, or go over your allowance your call is charged at the standard rate (the same rate you get charged for calling 01 and 02 numbers).

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These rules apply to calls from any type of line including mobile, BT, other fixed line operators and payphones. Other "free" conference services (free in the sense that they don't also charge to host the conference call) are operated on special rate 0844 and 0871 numbers. These are generally excluded from bundled minutes and often charged at a much higher rate.

Sounds too good to be true?

Our conference calling service can sound too good to be true, but our free conference call service is supported by the fraction of a penny per minute which we earn from BT wholesale payments from calls made to 03 numbers. This provides a wafer-thin margin allowing us to provide WHYPAY? at no cost to you. We do not charge to use the service or any of its extra features; nor do we insist you provide an email address to obtain a conference room.


With WHYPAY? you won't pay £16.40* to join your next conference

WHYPAY? mobile callers alone saved over £661,100 on unnecessary charges in September!* Create your very own free, permanent conference room instantly and start saving money for your business.

There will be no nasty surprises when you receive your next phone bill.

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*The small print

Most other "free" UK conferencing services provide service numbers (084/097) or voice short-codes for dialling into conference rooms. Figures are based on the total cost of calling the 08 numbers provided by most other UK conferencing services from an EE mobile as of July 2015:

Access charge for calling an 084/087 number from an EE mobile as of 1st July: 44p per minute.
Average service charge for calling the 08 numbers provided by 6 other (popular) UK conferencing services: 6.64p per minute.
Estimated total cost for EE customer calling an 084 number (commonly provided): 50.64p per minute.

Average duration of all WHYPAY? Conference Calls in September 2017:- 38 minutes
Cost per mobile participant using WHYPAY?:- £0.00 (assuming total call duration is within bundled minutes available**)
Cost per mobile participant using an equivalent conference call service hosted on an 08 telephone number:- £16.40 (based on charges above).

**Many providers allocate bundled minutes as part of mobile and landline phone contracts. calls to WHYPAY? are by law included in these bundled minutes. Please check your providers information on bundled minutes. Some providers cap bundled minutes once you reach a specific call duration (usually 1 hour).

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Love Us, but Need Even More?

WHYPAY? customers often tell us how much they love our no-frills, zero-cost service but have also requested enhanced features like moderator controls, video and web conferencing, file sharing and custom branding. We're inviting specially selected customers to the beta launch of our brand new premium conferencing platform. If you feel your organisation would benefit from enhanced features such as screen sharing, web chat and much more, why not request a place on this very special beta too? Don't hang about. Places are limited. 

Call.Group - Now we're talking. 

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When did we get so Wonderful?

Call Collective - which operates  WHYPAY? - likes to give back. This is why 10% of gross revenue generated by WHYPAY? goes directly to the Wonderful Organisation each month.

Like other fundraising websites, Wonderful allows individuals to create fundraising pages - but with one significant difference. It guarantees that 100% of donations and every penny of Gift Aid reaches the charities which fundraisers are supporting, making no deductions whatsoever to meet its own costs. With Wonderful, costs are covered by corporate sponsors - like us.

If you're taking part in a run, swim, cycle ride, cake bake, or any other fundraising event, please visit the Wonderful website at wonderful.org to find out more.