5 FREE ways you could improve your business right now

Improving your business doesn’t always have to be difficult, complicated, or require you to spend money. Some business improvements can be made completely FREE of charge, often by harnessing new technologies to make working easier in various ways. Check out our round-up of the top 5 free business tools that you should be using if you’re not already. They’re all designed to make your work-life easier, and anything that does that free of charge has got to be a good thing, right?

1. Dropbox

Making use of Dropbox could greatly increase the efficiency and ease of your everyday working life. With this cloud-based free business tool, you will be able to easily store and sync your files onto different devices, allowing you to share ideas, reports and so on with all your colleagues.

2. Free Templates and Forms

A great way to ensure your business appears professional and credible without taking up a huge amount of your time is to find a site, like SCORE, from which you can find free business templates and tools.

3. LinkedIn

Very few businesses these days get taken very seriously or get very far without making any use of LinkedIn. This free tool will help you find a vast amount of potential employees and opportunities for your business.

4. Evernote

This tool can provide your business with a range of brilliant services which can improve your business and your professional life by revolutionising note-taking and all that comes with it. It allows you to take notes wherever you are, scan handwritten notes, search all the text you have saved (even the scanned items), save articles for later and so on.

5. Free Conference Call Services

Taking advantage of a conference bridge like WHYPAY? which charges you nothing for its services is undoubtedly one of the soundest business decisions you can make. This will allow you to constantly keep in touch with colleagues, clients and employees no matter where any of you may find yourselves. With it, you’ll be able to discuss ideas, regroup, and keep each other constantly in the loop without it costing any of you a penny.

Admin5 FREE ways you could improve your business right now
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