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Why you’re not using free conference calls as often as you should be

For many, conference calling may seem like a formal, rigidly organized procedure, used for important business meetings with powerful figures in big offices in far away lands. But this is by no means the whole story; if this is all conference calls mean to you, you are missing out on a resource with vast, wide-reaching potential. Setting up a free conference call room with WHYPAY? could open your eyes to all that conference calling has to offer.

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AdminWhy you’re not using free conference calls as often as you should be

Communication: vital to the success of any business venture

The most vital tool any businessperson can have is without doubt the ability to communicate effectively. Without this, it is impossible to achieve or have any success, for a number of reasons. With modern developments in fields from technology to psychology, communication has never been so in demand, and so potentially complex.

One service which simplifies the multiple communication-related demands of the business world is teleconferencing. WHYPAY?’s service allows up to 100 participants to dial into a free conference room as often and for as long as they require, facilitating communication between people all around the world with its quick, simple service and the use of one tool – a telephone. Standard mobile phones, landlines, a payphone booth, even services like Skype; WHYPAY?’s conference rooms are easy to access wherever you may be.

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AdminCommunication: vital to the success of any business venture

Holding interviews? Why not start with a conference call?

Holding interviews for potential employees can be a time-consuming, stressful and hectic process for all those involved. A practical solution can be found in the use of conference calls. With WHYPAY?, by simply giving each interviewee your conference room number and PIN, they can dial in from their mobile, landline or Skype account, joining you and your colleagues for a smooth and efficient interview. Conference calls can be used at multiple stages in the interview process, from preliminary screenings when there are a large number of applicants, to preparatory briefing before your chosen candidate attends their first day at work.

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AdminHolding interviews? Why not start with a conference call?

Conference calling – not just for the business environment

You hear the words ‘conference calling‘ and what do you imagine? The phrase evokes a sense of professionalism, formality and efficiency. And yet, since when are multi-person conversations only considered a thing of the business world? We all have friends and relatives scattered around across towns, cities and even seas, and conference calling – particularly completely free conference calling – offers an ideal way to keep in touch.

With WHYPAY? there are absolutely no additional charges incurred by holding a conference call instead of a two-person phone call. This is because the conference call just like a normal two-person call, will be included in your bundled minutes, and if you have none available, it will simply be charged at your standard rate for landlines (01/02 number rates).

To make matters even more straightforward, there is no necessity for any kind of specialist equipment. Your WHYPAY? conference call can be accessed from standard mobile or landline phones, payphones or even services like Skype.

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AdminConference calling – not just for the business environment