Conference calling – not just for the business environment

You hear the words ‘conference calling‘ and what do you imagine? The phrase evokes a sense of professionalism, formality and efficiency. And yet, since when are multi-person conversations only considered a thing of the business world? We all have friends and relatives scattered around across towns, cities and even seas, and conference calling – particularly completely free conference calling – offers an ideal way to keep in touch.

With WHYPAY? there are absolutely no additional charges incurred by holding a conference call instead of a two-person phone call. This is because the conference call just like a normal two-person call, will be included in your bundled minutes, and if you have none available, it will simply be charged at your standard rate for landlines (01/02 number rates).

To make matters even more straightforward, there is no necessity for any kind of specialist equipment. Your WHYPAY? conference call can be accessed from standard mobile or landline phones, payphones or even services like Skype.

It literally is as easy as picking up the phone. All you need is the PIN and conference room number for your conference call, and you’re ready to chat, and do so as often as you like.

When you think about it like that, conference calling suddenly stops seeming so professional and potentially nerve-wrecking. In fact, it offers the perfect way to contact people from every part of your life. For families, relatives abroad can be easily included in familial conversations, celebrations and day-to-day bickering, altogether in one ‘cyber’ space.

The service is also filled with potential for students – your group of friends has been dispersed across the country at different universities, a few are gallivanting off on the ever-growing (and increasingly infamous) gap-years and yet, of course, there is no reason to miss out on the regular gossips of bygone schooldays. By creating a free conference room, you can all catch up together, avoiding the awkward ‘well she never told me that…’. And of course, when you finally turn to your workload as the semester draws to a close and the weather perhaps becomes less and less appealing, what better way to avoid braving the cold than holding your study groups via a conference call rather than halfway across town in the library? Simply log in and arrange for everybody to dial in at the allotted time and put all that shared brainpower to use.

Families, friends, colleagues, societies, study groups – pretty much any group of people with access to some form of telecommunication device – can doubtless make excellent use of WHYPAY?’s conference calling service. Whether it’s for a catch up, serious discussion or just to decide what to wear to your party, you can all do it quickly, efficiently and at no additional cost. With up to 100 participants per call, you needn’t be concerned about leaving people out. And don’t panic – the call’s duration is unlimited.

AdminConference calling – not just for the business environment
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