Holding interviews? Why not start with a conference call?

Holding interviews for potential employees can be a time-consuming, stressful and hectic process for all those involved. A practical solution can be found in the use of conference calls. With WHYPAY?, by simply giving each interviewee your conference room number and PIN, they can dial in from their mobile, landline or Skype account, joining you and your colleagues for a smooth and efficient interview. Conference calls can be used at multiple stages in the interview process, from preliminary screenings when there are a large number of applicants, to preparatory briefing before your chosen candidate attends their first day at work.

Using conference calling for the initial stages of an interview process is a sensible, effective and cheap decision for any business. It saves valuable time for all parties. Firstly, it results in a reduction of transport-related delays for interviewees, and interviewers if they have to travel to conduct the meeting, meaning money on transport costs is also saved. What’s more, scheduling conference calls is generally easier than scheduling physical meetings, as people can participate from wherever they are in the world. Thus it is likely that their spare hours coincide much more, whether it be somebody’s lunch break in Luxembourg or a call over a morning coffee from Cardiff. More interviews can be completed in a shorter space of time, making the whole process more efficient. Because the interview being conducted over the phone may diminish any awkwardness or tension and allow a smoother interview, it may also be clearer to you which people you wish to call back for a second interview, again saving time on interviewing candidates who are unsuitable for the job.

The use of a free conference call service also allows more members of your business to get to know the prospective employees, potentially reducing the inherent intimidation and tension of the interview process. Without the physical presence of interviewers, and the ability to be in an environment familiar and safe to them, people being interviewed will feel more relaxed and thus have a more successful, efficient interview. In this way, you may gain a better, more realistic reflection of the interviewee, and so call in the very best for a second interview.

Using WHYPAY?’s conference call services for the initial stages of the interviewing process may be the perfect way to ensure a smoother, quicker and more comfortable experience for all parties involved. It could save you time and money, and is as simple as dialing in your personal, secure conference room number and PIN.

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AdminHolding interviews? Why not start with a conference call?
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