Why you’re not using free conference calls as often as you should be

For many, conference calling may seem like a formal, rigidly organized procedure, used for important business meetings with powerful figures in big offices in far away lands. But this is by no means the whole story; if this is all conference calls mean to you, you are missing out on a resource with vast, wide-reaching potential. Setting up a free conference call room with WHYPAY? could open your eyes to all that conference calling has to offer.

In days gone by, conference calling may have seemed like something of an ordeal, requiring careful and meticulous preparation and creating high-pressure and high-risk situations. Setting up a conference call was a complicated task, and once you had managed this, the call itself may have been erratic, dropping out participants inexplicably or providing a weak, barely audible signal. Clearly, in a crucial business meeting such inconveniences are unacceptable and can cause at best awkwardness, at worst the loss of an essential opportunity. With these experiences in mind, its hardly surprising that you may not be making use of free conference calls as often as you should be.

The associations and connotations of an audio conference may also be a factor in reducing the frequency with which you utilise them. If you consider business conference calling to be a very proper, controlled affair, you probably choose not to use it in everyday office life. But could this be a mistake, a waste of potential? A conference call can be a short and informal way of resolving a day-to-day issue swiftly and effectively. A quick instant message to any colleagues involved asking them to dial into your conference call room is all that is needed. Each participant then simply picks up the phone, dials into your secure, personal conference bridge, and just like that, you are free to discuss the issue at hand. Moreover, while many may regard face-to-face contact as vital in business, time seems to be moving ever faster, and the phrase ‘time is money’ has never been more true. With the constant development of technology, people want everything done more quickly. So perhaps there are times when it would be appropriate to hold a conference call rather than travel hundreds, or even thousands of miles for one meeting. With the availability of quick, easy to use services like WHYPAY? it is undoubtedly the most convenient method of communication.

So perhaps if you ditch outdated notions of the formality of conference calls or their inferiority compared to face-to-face meetings, you would be able to use their full potential. WHYPAY?’s service also removes any arduous, onerous set up, as its usage could not be simpler. All you would need to do is set up a free conference room which can be used as often and for as long as you require. It can be accessed from any standard mobile or landline phone and is completely secure and, crucially, free of any additional costs. With WHYPAY? participants are charged only the standard rate for calls to 01 or 02 numbers. Even better, calls to WHYPAY? are included in bundled minutes. It’s so simple, practical and cost-effective that there is almost no reason not to start using conference calls more often.

AdminWhy you’re not using free conference calls as often as you should be
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