New start-ups and conference calling – utilising free business tools

Starting a new business is an incredibly exciting, exhilarating time filled with potential and opportunity. And yet it is undeniably prone to being a very stressful time, often surrounded with great financial risks, uncertainty and pressure, particularly if there are people dependent on you. Anyone behind a new start-up knows that taking care with money is important – it is not the time to be frivolous. Therefore, what better time to put to use the free business tools on offer to you than in the early stages of a new business?

One crucial tool for any business venture is the conference call. It has the power to bring together people from all over the world to hold a clear, easy to access conversation. Clearly, when starting a new business it is an ideal way to get people on board, share your ideas with those working with you and even find employees.

In the very early stages of a business, you may not have the desire, or even ability, to rent office space in which to hold meetings and presentations, so why not hold a conference call instead? This produces the same shared environment in which to discuss ideas, without the difficulties of transport, the scheduling of convenient times for multiple people to be in a certain area, the costs involved in holding meetings and so on.

In fact, it couldn’t really be easier. With WHYPAY? all that is necessary is for you to set up a conference call room, receive your personal, secure conference number and PIN and pass these on to any people you wish to participate in the call. Simply arrange a time for everybody to dial into the conference room, be it from a landline, mobile, payphone or services like Skype, and you are all set. If appropriate, WHYPAY? offers the option to send an automatic email invitation to dial in at a certain time daily, monthly or weekly. There is also a useful calendar attachment and contact card, thus even saving you the minute trouble of writing down the dial in details and sending them to participants. And, crucially, WHYPAY? charges nothing for its services whatsoever: the only cost is of making a phone call, which will be included in bundled minutes if these are available, or charged at the standard rates for 01 or 02 numbers.

When you are just beginning a business, getting advice and support from many different people is doubtless a key to success. Getting your new ideas heard and understood is vital. WHYPAY? allows you to hold conference calls with anywhere up to 100 participants, giving you the opportunity to promote your new business to many potentially interested figures at once. Moreover, there is no limit on the duration of the conference call, so you can talk for as long as is necessary, creating great opportunity for creative growth, persuading investors, interviewing potential employees and so on, all from the comfort of each participant’s home or office. While this is a truly valuable tool for any business, new start-ups should be particularly alert to ways to save time and money, in order to ensure healthy development for their business. WHYPAY?’s conference calling seems an ideal way to save both, while preserving (and enhancing) efficiency and communication. It is one free business tool that just can’t be overlooked.

AdminNew start-ups and conference calling – utilising free business tools
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