New features on WHYPAY? and yes, they’re still free

WHYPAY? is undergoing some changes, with our development team working on a host of new features to enhance the service. It’s still as simple as ever, with the ability to set up and dial into a new conference room in seconds using The Big Green Button, but we’ve added some extra tools for those who want more from their WHYPAY? experience.

Save your Conference Details

You can now have your conference rooms at your finger tips, literally. By downloading a contact card directly to your smartphone or other device you can save your conference room to your contacts list and dial straight in whenever you need to. You can generate as many rooms and contact cards as you need, just give each room a memorable name so you know which is which.

Simply go to the WHYPAY? home page using the device you want to save the details to (you can use a laptop, PC, tablet or mobile phone), generate your conference room using The Big Green Button and then click ‘Add to Contacts’. You can then speed-dial straight into your conference room whenever you need to. You’ll never have to write down your dial-in details again.


If you’re a frequent user of WHYPAY? you have probably used its scheduling feature before, which allows you to schedule a call at a specific date and time, with an automated email letting your participants know how and when to join the call. WHYPAY? now lets you schedule a conference at a recurring time, whether it’s each day, each week or each month, so that you can keep tabs on your current projects and keep everyone in good communication. By allocating a regular time to bring your participants together you can ensure that your goals are met much more easily.

What’s more, all participants can now download automatic calendar attachments, which simply creates an event in the participants calendar to remind them when to pick up the phone and join your conference. You can even dial-in from your calendar on most smartphones by simply tapping the phone number on the calendar event. WHYPAY? fills in the information for you – so you know which conference is which in your calendar.

Participant Announcements

We’re giving you more control over your conference rooms. You can now switch on participant announcements – a feature which introduces participants by name as they enter the conference room. If you’ve had experience of conference calling in the past, you’ll know it can be difficult to keep track of who is entering the conference room, especially if conversation is already underway.

If you choose to use participant announcements, WHYPAY? asks participants to speak their names before they enter the conference room, and then introduces them before placing them into the call, giving everyone a clear picture of who is in attendance. Simply check the box “Announce Participant Names” when you’re creating or editing a conference room.

What’s Next?

2015 will see more developments to the WHYPAY? service. Our development team are planning to rework the account interface to make it easier for you to manage your conference rooms, and we’re busy working on our new call recording feature, which will allow you to record all your conference calls so that you can play them back at a later date – you’ll even be able to send recording to your participants. Keep your eyes peeled for more from WHYPAY? We’re giving you more and more reason to keep WHYPAY? at the top of your list of business tools. Why pay more? We’re creating more features for you for free!

AdminNew features on WHYPAY? and yes, they’re still free
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