Managing remote staff – the power of conference calling

Employing remote staff can be a wise and beneficial decision both for the employer and the employee. Remote staffing offers a great employment opportunity for people who are skilled and committed workers, but perhaps more suited to introverted work than contributing to a wider team. It is also an ideal solution for people who are not easily able to travel to work for any reason, including having young children or a disability.

Moreover, it gives the employer the chance to employ workers from all over the world, rather than a concentrated area, unquestionably widening the scope of their choices and allowing workers with better or different skill sets to contribute to your company. Remote staff save valuable time and money on commuting, increasing their hours spent on working efficiently and thus heightening employee productivity. If your company’s services require 24/7 customer support, employing remote support staff in the appropriate time zone can be an excellent solution.

However, remote staffing undeniably comes with its own unique set of challenges, not posed by local staff. Perhaps the most fundamental of these is the ability to communicate effectively with your remote staff. It is of vital importance that remote workers are aware of the expectations of an employer, relating to work ethic, productivity, job performance and so on. Similarly, remote workers should have the means to give feedback to employers about any issues or difficulties encountered, or what techniques have proven to be more effective. In this way, it becomes easier to enhance and improve your business and remove any cumbersome or unhelpful practices.

The perfect solution is offered by holding conference calls with your remote workers. A call into which multiple participants can dial at any time creates the ideal space for you to manage your remote staff effectively. From anywhere in the world, all they need is a mobile phone, landline or even computer and access to your specific conference call (through, for example, a secure PIN). Various mangers and employees are then able to talk freely and at length, ensuring that they are well managed and able to do the work required of them.

So, do not let the issue of communication prevent you from the mutually beneficial practice of employing remote staff. Setting up a simple conference call is all that is needed to facilitate easy and productive conversation between managers and remote staff. It is simple, cost-effective and arguably the most efficient manner of communication.

AdminManaging remote staff – the power of conference calling
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