The role of the conference call in a business deal

Conference calls are an immensely valuable tool to businesses, particularly with the emergence of free conference call bridges. Conferencing calling can prove to be useful in almost any aspect of conducting day-to-day business, and even in the significant and crucial moment of closing a business deal, and all the work that precedes this.

Preparing for a business deal can undeniably be a hectic and stressful time for all those involved. You may, for example, have to work within a team putting together a presentation for a meeting. Rather than having to stay late at the office or travel to meet up somewhere, holding a conference call may be the perfect way to discuss your ideas. With WHYPAY?, this is a very straightforward, easy process. All you would need to do is create a conference call room, at which point you gain your own personal, secure conference number and PIN. Simply pass these on to the necessary participants – WHYPAY? can even send out an automatic email invitation, with the option for a recurring invitation to a call at a certain time daily, weekly or monthly as you progress to the momentous occasion of finalising the deal.

There’s even a very handy calendar attachment and contact card; everything is taken care of for you. Then, wherever they may be, each participant simply dials into the secure conference call. The call can be conducted from a mobile or landline phone: the call will be included in their bundled minutes if these are available, or charged at standard rates from 01 or 02 numbers. You can even dial in from a payphone, or a service like Skype – so none of your colleagues should have any excuses!

In this way, even while some of your team may be travelling, seeking out potential business partners, doing market research and so on, it still could not be easier to call in regularly and keep each other updated. The conference call provides an ideal environment for open group discussion, allowing the development of new, creative and efficient ideas, and the careful development of these. Conference calling also helps avoid any gaps of information shared, avoiding potentially awkward meetings where time may be wasted filling each other in. Moreover, once all the ideas are in place, conference calls are a great way to present them to potential partners without requiring expensive, time-consuming and environmentally-damaging travel. So, whatever stage of a business deal you may be in, a conference call bridge like WHYPAY? may be the perfect partner.

AdminThe role of the conference call in a business deal
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