Will businesses still be conference calling in 5 to 10 years’ time?

Conference calls are currently an undeniably valuable tool to businesses. As technology develops and communication becomes more sophisticated, more and more businesses are beginning to make use of the service. With international business partnerships becoming more commonplace all the time and people’s desire for information growing constantly, conference calling has never been so relevant.

Nowadays, telephone conferencing is not only immensely useful, but it is cheap and easy – clearly trumping its alternative: travelling to meetings. There are free conference call bridges available which charge users nothing for their services, and can be used from mobile phones, landlines, payphones, even Skype and similar services! When you consider these factors, it seems difficult to conceive how conference calling could ever go out of fashion, as it were.

While technology’s development is ceaseless, making video conferencing an increasingly accessible mode of communication, this potential availability does not necessarily render it as useful as audio conferencing. Quite simply, video communication is not always possible or appropriate. Holding a telephone conference from a hotel bedroom or a study at home may pose no issues or detract from how professionally you may be perceived, but switch on a camera and an overly familiar atmosphere may be created. Video conferencing can by no means replace teleconferencing, as it cannot match it in convenience, ease and reliability.

There seems no plausible reason to assume that in five to ten years’ time, businesses will no longer require easy communication both internally and with separate businesses, clients and so on. Therefore, there is no reason for conference calls to be dismissed as a passing fad or something your business need not make use of. There are few services so universally useful, and filled with such a great deal of potential. So, while it seems it will never be too late to join in, get involved in conference calling now rather than wasting valuable time! It’s free, easy and infinitely efficient. Why would you not?

AdminWill businesses still be conference calling in 5 to 10 years’ time?
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