What do you get if you pay for conference calls?

Genuinely free conference calling, a ground-breaking service offered by conference bridge WHYPAY? is an irreplaceable and invaluable business tool that you may not realise you are not fully taking advantage of. Even if you don’t work in an office – you are a teacher, for example, a musician, or even a pastor – there are so many great uses for teleconferencing.

But that’s not to say that you can get absolutely everything free of charge. If there are people still out there paying for their audio meetings, when they could find totally free providers, there must be a good reason. So what exactly does paying get you?

Well, let’s start at the beginning. With Uberconference, the paid packages mean that no participant at all needs a PIN to access the call, and you can even arrange for Uberconference to call you when the conference is starting! Moreover, for people who will be dialling in to your meeting, or receiving the call to it, you can arrange for the number to appear as a local number (for USA and Canada). You can also arrange to receive one single bill, or to have a premium chat feature. Paying can ensure the start of the conference call goes smoothly and professionally, with Powwownow’s personalised welcome messages.

With other conference call bridges like Conference Genie, paying can also get you video conferencing, event services, transcript services to go along with call recording (one of the simplest and most useful free features around!) and dial-out options.

If security is your main priority, paying can give you added peace of mind. For example, Powwownow provides you with a chairperson PIN. Using this would prevent anybody from dialling into the virtual meeting until you’re on the call.

Paying can also mean you, as chairperson, get access to useful muting powers which can be exercised over all of your participants. When you want certain participants to take a back seat for a certain part of the call, you need only mute their line and they can simply listen for a while. Even further, if you get to a particularly confidential part, you can ensure nobody hangs around who is not authorised to be a part of the call by terminating their participation.

Screen sharing can also be very useful for presentations and reports, and add an extra dimension to the clear communication provided by audio conferences. This, too, you would generally have to pay for, but if it’s very relevant to your particular needs then it may well be worth the cost!

Many providers allow you to pick and choose which features you need within their paid packages, so costs can vary depending on how much you actually need. The mistake you need to make absolutely sure you do avoid, though, is paying for conference calls rather than extra features. Lots of providers end up charging you quite a large amount, simply for participating in a call. Don’t incur unnecessary charges by ensuring you are dialling into conference calls from 03 numbers, like those used by WHYPAY?. That way, the calls will simply be included within your bundled minutes, consequently not costing you a penny.

GabiWhat do you get if you pay for conference calls?
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