Conference calling for prayer groups

The teleconference is a communication tool with immense power and a huge well of potential which has often, unfortunately, gone to waste. The problem is that many people perceive conference calling purely as a business tool, when in reality it has so much more to offer with a great deal of uses outside the office. From teachers, to sportspeople, to governments, or even prayer groups, conference calls are a unifying environment allowing a group of people with a common goal to collaborate and communicate. The world is constantly getting busier, quicker, and finding time can be really tricky, even for those with the strongest faith. That’s why prayer groups held over the phone can be such a great way to keep your religious community together, not to mention helping reduce damage to our planet.

Faith knows no boundaries, including geographical ones. That means that people all over the world share in their beliefs and their desire to affirm and rejoice in them, as well as seek solace in times of struggle and difficulty. And that’s why Conference calls are a great way to keep people who are joined by faith in touch, through virtual prayer groups. People can dial in from across the country, or across the world, and immediately become a part of the welcome comfort and support of a prayer group. Literally thousands of prayer groups around the UK from a whole variety of faiths, are regularly dialling in to phone meetings to explore and reaffirm their relationships with god. Many members or religious communities find it hard to regularly travel to meet, making a virtual prayer meetings a really useful tool.

Finding the right conference service for your prayer group

If the right phone meeting service is used, things can be very straightforward for participants, and conference calls can be made absolutely FREE for all those involved! With WHYPAY?, as long as callers have a minutes package bundled with their UK telephone contract, the call can be made free of charge. And that’s because WHYPAY? uses 03 numbers, which under Ofcom rules must be charged within a caller’s bundled minutes. And if callers don’t have any bundled minutes available to use, the calls will still only be charged at the standard rate to UK landlines. To set up a prayer call, a single organiser can simply visit the WHYPAY? home page, click the Big Green Button, and have a permanent conference room instantly allocated to them. They then simply give the room number and pin to members of their prayer group, and tell them to enter those numbers after dialling the WHYPAY? telephone number. Participants are guided through the process on the phone.

And, as with prayer, there are no limitations. That means that nobody has to be left isolated or alone, anybody can be a part of the prayer group. With WHYPAY?, you can have anywhere up to 100 participants at a time, ensuring your prayer group does not become exclusive. What’s more, you can use your conference room for as long as you need, you won’t suddenly find yourselves cut off from the call. Similarly, once you have your conference call room, it’s yours to keep. Make sure you store the necessary numbers securely, and you can all dial into the conference call as often as you like, for as long as you like.

At times of hardship, whether these be personal or not, a prayer group conference call can allow communities to come together to prey for those who need it. Virtual prayer groups are the ideal way to bring people together, and keep them together through a common faith.

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