Conference calling for the environmentally friendly business

We all know how detrimental frequent travel can be for our planet, emitting greenhouse gases and increasing our carbon footprint. In fact, in 2010, transport accounted for a reported 39% of energy consumption in the UK – a massive proportion. Of this, a huge 27% of energy consumption was made up from the emissions of road transportation. The sheer volume of cars at rush hour makes this statistic less surprising for all those of us who commute to work daily and are familiar with the congestion. But what if we could reduce, or completely eliminate, our commute? Conference calling offers one ideal way to do this, and to reduce our negative impact upon the environment.

The use of conference calls with colleagues would allow everybody to stay in touch and informed from the comfort of their own homes, without having to travel at all. Of course, this isn’t an option for every employee every day, but there are certainly situations in which the commute is not necessary. For example, maybe there’s a meeting people would be travelling hundreds of miles to get to: this could instead be held over the phone.

With WHYPAY? you wouldn’t have to set aside money to pay fees to a conference call bridge, as it offers a completely free service – so not only are you helping the environment, but lessening the strain on your business’s budget too. Calls using WHYPAY? are simply taken from your available bundled minutes, if you have any, or charged at the standard rate for 01 and 02 numbers. You can have up to 100 participants and speak for an unlimited amount of time, so no matter who needs to be involved, where they are and how much they have to say, WHYPAY? can connect you and lighten your burden on the globe.

The process of setting up your conference call isn’t complex or time-consuming: simply visit the WHYPAY? home page and press the Big Green Button to create your very own personal, secure conference call room. You will be given a conference room number and PIN, which you share with the conference call participants (WHYPAY? can send out automatic email invitations for you), and simply dial in at the allotted time and hold your meeting without it costing you, or the environment.

So if you want a successful business without the environment having to pay for it, one simple but crucial step you can take is introducing conference calling into your schedule. Consider this: if just 5% of people in New York stopped commuting to work, around 150million lb of CO2 emissions could be saved every year. That’s equivalent to the amount that would be reduced if you planted a forest 1.3times bigger than Manhattan. Clearly, a little change can make a huge difference. Switching to teleconferencing can reduce the strain on you, your colleagues, your budget and your planet. Take a step towards making your business greener and the world a little cleaner.

AdminConference calling for the environmentally friendly business
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