5 ways conference calling can enhance your business

With the ease and simplicity of conference calling on the rise, and its cost plummeting to non-existent levels, making the most out of conference calls has never been so important. Of all the free business tools on offer to you and your business, it is perhaps the most valuable. If you’ve yet to fully integrate teleconferences into your daily professional life, this list of five of the many, many ways that using conference calls can enhance your business should convince you.


Scheduling a brief, regular conference call with important clients could be a brilliant way to improve not only your business’s relationship with them, but also its productivity, efficiency and customer services, as frequent feedback is the foundation of consistent improvement. You could arrange a monthly meeting, which can be written into all your calendars, along with the conference room number and PIN, and make sure you never unknowingly have dissatisfied or frustrated clients again.


Similarly, weekly conference calls between a professional team could be the perfect way to ensure their morale and work ethic is kept up. This would create a perfect opportunity for people to voice their opinions, concerns and difficulties, as well as exchange advice. Even better, it wouldn’t require any crucial meeting spaces to be used up, or cut into people’s working hours (or extend them) as the call could be conducted from each employee’s respective home. In this way, you could be sure nobody was feeling left behind or confused, and the whole team is up to date on what is expected of them.


Call recording is becoming commonplace on conference calls, and for good reason. If you record a telephone meeting, there is no need to scribble down what is said as quickly as you can, inevitably missing things, mishearing things and getting completely lost and left behind on the way. Instead, you can simply send out a file of the recording to anyone who might need it, and they can listen to this in their free time. It’s also much easier to transcribe the meeting from a recording, where you can pause and rewind, and send out a typed up summary of what was said. Moreover, call recording can be extremely useful in certain legal situations, providing irrefutable evidence of what has been said during the meeting.


By taking advantage of conference calling, you can much more easily hire remote staff, or people who only actually come into the office a few days a week. This means that if there is an applicant who has a skill set that would greatly benefit your business, but they live a hundred miles away, you may still be able to employ them by using very frequent conference calls to keep them up to date. That way, you don’t have to turn down excellent applicants for mere geographical reasons, or as a cause of their being disabled or having dependent family members.


Arranging a free conference call, which really can be free of charge, can help save a huge amount of money the would be spent on organising meetings. You would save your company the potential costs of renting out meeting spaces and paying for people’s travel to and from the venue. Moreover, you could save valuable time which could be spent working rather than commuting. This also means that you could have far more participants in the call than you may have been able to accommodate in the meeting space that you have available, again potentially bringing brilliant and innovative ideas that you may otherwise have been unable to hear.

Admin5 ways conference calling can enhance your business
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