Why call recording is so useful

The option to record telephone calls has, for many, been a revolutionary development in technology. It is one of the most wonderfully simple, life-changingly useful functions that have been created in recent years. If your reaction to this is surprise or skepticism, you should give call recording a try the next time you hold a professional phone call. It is a feature that you can now try for free through WHYPAY?, adding an extra bonus to your next free conference call.

Many of us may be aware of recording calls for training purposes – often when you call a customer services office you are alerted that the call may be recorded for this use. This is undoubtedly one of the key benefits of recording phone calls, as it can be very useful for new employees to listen to recording of previous training sessions or successful telephone calls. But this is by no means call recording’s sole use.

With WHYPAY? offering completely free conference calling, with up to 100 participants and for an unlimited duration, you may find that more and more of your meetings are being held via teleconference. You are simply given a personal, secure conference call room number and a PIN, which are shared with your desired participants to grant access to the conference call at any time you wish, and as many times as you wish. Making recording these meetings a part of your routine could make this already simple process even more convenient for you.

For example, if you hold a meeting to discuss complex ideas or issues, you can refer back to the recording for clarification and to research anything you may not have fully understood. If a manager has given very specific or complicated instructions to employees, recordings can be the perfect way to refer back to these and eliminate potential misunderstandings or forgetting crucial steps. Similarly, you may no longer need to take hurried, scribbled notes down during a meeting, as it would be extremely easy to produce detailed minutes after the call has finished. If you aren’t participating in the call, or members of your team aren’t, a recording can be the ideal way to make sure everybody is kept up to date. Simply send the file to anyone who was not in the call itself, and they can listen to it at a time and place that suits them.

In terms of legality, conference call recording also has several important uses. If, for example, a verbal agreement is reached between participants, a recording provides indisputable evidence of it. Thus you see how call recording helps to meet legal requirements and maintain detailed records of meetings. Moreover, WHYPAY? ensures that conference calls which are being recorded begin with a special announcement to all participants which alerts them of this fact, and that the email invitations to the conference call which are sent beforehand also state that the call will be recorded.

These few, key benefits should suffice to illustrate how indispensible call recording could become to you. There is nothing to lose, and a great deal to gain, for you and your co-workers. What’s more, with WHYPAY? it won’t cost you a penny – why wouldn’t you give it a go?

AdminWhy call recording is so useful
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