WHYPAY?: the easiest, quickest, cheapest conference calling service?

Conference calling is a quick and simple business tool that makes professional life much more convenient and enhances communication between colleagues, clients and employers. But there are so many different conference call bridges to choose from, and they are by no means equal. In fact, some are sneaky, tucking hidden costs behind every corner or being overly complex to use. WHYPAY? on the other hand, is a whole different story, and is arguably the best call conferencing service on offer.

WHYPAY? is so easy and straightforward to use that even the very biggest technophobes can make the most of its service without difficulty. Simply visiting the WHYPAY? homepage is enough: one click of The Big Green Button is all it takes to create your conference call room. WHYPAY? simply gives you the conference room number and an access PIN. Share these with your desired participants, dial into the call at a time of your choice and you have everything you need. The conference call room will be yours to use as frequently as you like, for as long as you like and with anything up to 100 participants. There’s no other information to remember or complicated technology to set up. Is there a conference bridge with a quicker service than one simple click of a button?

If you’re someone who needs more features from a conference calling service, WHYPAY? can send out automatic email invitations to all the people scheduled to be in the call, and even create a handy calendar attachment for their smartphones. That way, the call’s time and details won’t be easily forgotten. WHYPAY? also allows users to dial in from any standard landline phone, mobile telephone, even a payphone, so it’s easily accessible for anybody anywhere in the world.

But what makes WHYPAY? really stand out is that alongside its wonderfully simple, easy to use and helpful service, you have the added bonus of not having to worry about the cost. That’s because WHYPAY? charges you no costs whatsoever for using its service. By using an 03 number for dialling in, WHYPAY? allows you to avoid incurring the huge bills associated with premium rate phone calls. Ofcom’s offical rules on 03 numbers have determined that any call to an 03 number in the UK must be included in your bundled minutes. This means that if you have minutes available on your contract, the call will cost you absolutely nothing – 03 numbers are treated in the same way as UK 01 and 02 numbers! If you don’t have any bundled minutes available, the conference call will still only be charged at the standard rate for landline numbers.

So, with WHYPAY? you really do get the easiest, quickest and cheapest service possible. You pay nothing for using it, the call is included in your minutes, and the site itself couldn’t be easier to use – it’s all set up with one click, without having to fill out long and tedious forms of personal information or create an account. Next time you’re setting up a conference call, look to WHYPAY?. You’ll be doing yourself – and all the participants – a big favour.

AdminWHYPAY?: the easiest, quickest, cheapest conference calling service?
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