Free conference calls included in your bundled minutes

Conference calling is happening in all areas of life, and is not just reserved for the business world. Think about it; whatever it is you do, you can probably benefit from using a conference call every now and then to improve communication around your job, passion or hobby. But this shouldn’t mean you have to spend a great deal of money to keep in the loop. In fact, conference calls can be placed at absolutely no charge – as long as you know which conference call bridge to use.

Some companies claim to offer free teleconferencing, and then slip hidden costs in anywhere possible. Users of these so called “free” conferencing services can find themselves confused after receiving a large phone bill, all because they were using a premium rate number to dial in (see our article on how to avoid these tricks). If you see that the dial-in to a conference call uses premium rate numbers, you can expect to incur costs, and possibly very high ones.

But there is a way to get genuinely free conference calls. Some conference bridges ensure that calls are included as part of your bundled minutes, so that you don’t actually pay a penny at all. WHYPAY?, for example, uses 03 numbers to provide its service, making it free to use. This is because Ofcom rulings have stated that 03 numbers HAVE to be charged within bundled minutes, and so can’t generate high costs in the way that premium rate numbers can.

Thanks to this, if you use WHYPAY? as your conference bridge, as long as you have bundled minutes left on your contract, any conference call you place will be totally free. Additionally, WHYPAY? charges you absolutely nothing for using its services, there’s no sign-up fee or even a form to fill out online – you just push the Big Green Button and the conference call room is created. If you don’t have any minutes left, you don’t need to panic as rates won’t suddenly become extortionate – calls to 03 numbers would simply be charged the same as calls to 01 or 02 numbers: the standard rate for landlines. If you want a more features like call recording, simply register an account for free, we don’t charge for any additional features either!

So, as long as you know where to look, audio conferences don’t have to run down your finances – there is such a thing as a 100% free conference call. By using your bundled minutes, you can avoid creating huge costs every time you want to keep employees and partners around the world in the know.

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AdminFree conference calls included in your bundled minutes
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