How to make your next conference call free of charge

Conference calling has swelled in popularity over recent years, and consequently become easier and easier to use. It’s probable that holding or participating in a teleconference has become almost an everyday activity – if it hasn’t maybe it should very soon – so that you can make better informed decisions in the work that you do. Some conference call bridges advertise themselves as free, despite coming with premium rate call charges or other hidden costs. But, don’t be disheartened, this does not mean there is no such thing as a free conference call. There certainly is, so make sure you’re doing all the things you should be to avoid incurring unnecessary costs.

There are conference calling services, such as WHYPAY?, which genuinely do not charge you to use their services. Ensure that you choose one of these providers when you’re hosting your next conference call. One way that conference call providers can really offer a free service is by allowing users to dial into a number that is included in their bundled minutes (usually a number beginning in 01, 02 or 03), and that’s exactly what WHYPAY? does. Still, this doesn’t necessarily ensure the call will be completely free. Obviously for the call to be truly free, you will also have to check that you actually have bundled minutes available, otherwise the call will be charged at the standared rate to land lines.

Still, even if you do not have any remaining bundled minutes, the call needn’t set you back a large amount. With WHYPAY? these would still only cost you the standard rate for 01, 02 and 03 numbers – and not one extra penny. Avoid any companies that are using premium rate numbers, as this really will push up the prices.

The key message is that you should do a little research before selecting your next conference bridge, if you want to remove your conference calling expenses.

AdminHow to make your next conference call free of charge
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