Conference calling for sportsmen and women

For many, the word teleconference comes with set perceptions, or, perhaps more accurately, prejudices. Conference calling is frequently regarded as a tool that is great for businesses, but not relevant anywhere else. And this is a tragic waste, as conference calls can be extremely beneficial for countless areas of life, and countless different pursuits. Sportsmen and women for example, are a demographic that can gain great benefits by using conference calls. And with conference call bridges like WHYPAY? offering free conference calls, there’s nothing to lose!

Conference calls can offer the ideal way to do some last minute preparation for a match, race or competition before heading off to the venue. The entire team, and the coach, can dial into the call to go over tactics, last-minute advice, strengths and weaknesses and whatever else is relevant. With WHYPAY? your conference call room can be created at the push of one button, and is then yours to use as often as you like and for as long as you like, inviting as many as 100 participants. Simply keep your secure conference room number and PIN, and pass these on to your participants. WHYPAY? can even send the details out in an automated email invitation and create a handy calendar attachment, so your teammates won’t forget!

Clearly, then, teleconferencing could be useful not only as a one off before a big event, but as a regular occurrence. You could have weekly calls to review how training is going, which areas need more work and where progress has been particularly good. These could be a great way for sportspeople and coaches alike to voice their opinions, concerns and satisfaction regarding progress. What’s more, with WHYPAY? you have the option to record your conference call, and can grant access to the sound file to each participant. This provides a great way for sportspeople to review the advice they have been given, and thus work on the areas that need most attention.

It could also then be a great tool to use after a game, once people have gone home and had a chance to reflect on the team’s performance. Really useful feedback could be given from the comfort of each player’s home as they unwind, stretch and finally relax after the day’s excitement. This is arguably when feedback would be most effective – the event is still fresh in people’s minds, but emotions aren’t quite as high as they would be immediately following the final whistle.

And, importantly, if you use WHYPAY? as your conference bridge, not only is the service free, but absolutely no specialist equipment is required, making this tool even more ideal for sportspeople who may have no reason to have high-tech communication gadgets in their homes. Because WHYPAY? uses 03 numbers, the call is included in your bundled minutes, and if these are unavailable, is simply charged at the standard rate for landlines, and can be made from a mobile phone, a landline, a payphone or even a service like Skype. No teammate will have an excuse not to participate! It’s a great way to enhance communication among your fellow sportsmen and women, even when some have to travel to events or are off with an injury or illness. So don’t assume the conference call has nothing to offer you – free teleconferencing has a great deal of potential for the sporting world.

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