Conference calling services MUST make it easy for their users

We live in a world of ever-growing gadgets, apps and technologies. Nothing stays still, and there are always new services being introduced to us. Currently, there are a number of free business tools that can bring real benefits to those who use them. One of the most vital of these is the conference call, and yes phone conferencing really can be free if the right service provider is used. But its not just about getting your money’s worth, it’s also crucial that services like conference calling are genuinely easy to use. People need efficiency, speed, ease – we are used to these things, and anything that doesn’t meet the necessary standard will quite rightly be abandoned.

Conference calling made easy (and FREE!)

If you use WHYPAY? as your conference call bridge, you can have it as simple or as complicated as you may see best. Right from the homepage all you need to do is hit ‘the big green button’ and you are ready to go. In fact, we’ve put the button at the bottom of this post so you can try it now! Hit the button, and your conference room is created – and it’s permanent. Dial into it as frequently as you like, for as long as you like. With practically no effort from you. Right from that page, you need only click one more button to add the conference room to your contacts, to save you having to note down the number. Or if you’d like to write down the details somewhere yourself, just do that!

If your requirements are perhaps a little more complex, and you want more features and options, WHYPAY? covers this for you too. You can create an account – free, of course – and gain access to many useful features, at no cost. WHYPAY? can schedule automatic invites to a conference call to be sent out to participants if you need a daily, weekly or monthly teleconference. It can integrate these voice meetings into your calendar so you can’t forget them. You don’t need any specialist equipment, and you can have up to 100 different participants. It’s easy, free and efficient. Why aren’t you using WHYPAY?.

AdminConference calling services MUST make it easy for their users
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