US government holds conference call on partnerships in the middle east

One common misconception that we try to address at WHYPAY? is that conference calling is not just for businesses. In fact conference calls can be used within a wide field or practices and walks of life – from sports, to music, to teaching, to religion. Very recently, the US government once again demonstrated to the world the considerable power of conference calling (something governments have exemplified before) by holding talks via conference call about their partnerships and future directions in the middle east.

In the middle of May, an audio meeting was held in advance of a visit to the US by leaders and delegations of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, and thanks to the immensely useful record function, you can review the transcript online. The teleconference provided a much needed platform for in depth discussion of tactics to be employed in the tackling of potential threats and conflicts, including the counter ISIL coalition that has been formed. Serious and colossally important ground was covered regarding the security that the US would like to guarantee for its partners in the Gulf area, as well as their mutual security interests in fighting against terrorism and securing stability.

Clearly, this not only shows how secure conference calls can be made, but also underlines the massive potential that virtual meetings have for bridging geographical – and sometimes cultural – gaps across the globe, bringing people from all areas of the world and of life together. It allowed for concerns and questions regarding the physical meetings, which would take place in the following days, to be addressed beforehand. Thanks to this, leaders and delegates were able to arrive feeling informed, relaxed and prepared for the meetings ahead, undoubtedly making the events run more smoothly and more productively than would have been possible without conference calling.

Questions about who would be in attendance, about any deals that might be forged, international relationships and how they have developed over the past decade, and about what to expect in general upon arrival, were all answered during the call. This highlights the importance of these types of phone meetings, as the questions brought up are significant and crucial to the running of the upcoming events. Moreover, the fact that the briefing was left to conference calling, rather than sent via email or another alternative method of communication, indicates the US government’s acknowledgement of the incomparable communicative power of the teleconference, and its superiority to other methods in a vast array of situations and circumstances.

Here, it allowed for an open and interactive discussion, with questions being asked and answered directly and immediately, and the large room that can exist for miscommunication in the written mode to be shrunk to a marginal size. No matter where your need for clear communication comes from, the people you wish to communicate with or your chosen path in the professional world, or even in life, there is no reason why you cannot follow in the US government’s footsteps. Many people don’t take full advantage of conference calling, often labelling it as something reserved for the office, but this is selling an invaluable tool very short. With all the options available in the market, and a whole world of potential – and people – made available to you from your own home, teleconferencing is not an opportunity to be missed.

AdminUS government holds conference call on partnerships in the middle east
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