Electronic band tanlines preview their new album via conference call

Conference calling is not just reserved for businesses, and not tapping into its potential in all walks of life is a tragic waste, particularly when you can get it completely free. Recently, the electronic band Tanlines demonstrated some of the teleconference’s largely untapped potential by using a conference call to preview their new album.

They posted the conference call dial-in number to their fans, along with the time and date, and a list of country-specific dial-in numbers for international callers. That way, any fan who wanted to get a taste for Tanlines’ new album needed nothing more than a telephone and a spare hour to dial into the call.

By mixing things up with a conference call, Tanlines ensured they made the preview as accessible as possible to people all over the world – literally the only thing required was a telephone. That way, people could dial in regardless of where they were at the time, or what they were doing that day. The only thing that they might want to take care with is making use of their mute button – something that goes for all conference callers.

It’s also brilliantly ingenious for the band themselves, and any other bands who decide to follow suit. If a band decides they want to preview an album, or even just one song, to get fans interested and excited or possibly even to get their feedback and opinions, they can do so via conference call extremely easily. Simply post somewhere online where fans are bound to see the information, and all they have to do is pick up the phone. That means, even if they were on tour or travelling around doing interviews and so on, if they could find a spare hour, they could host the call. That’s why conference calls are so great for any working professional.

The hope is that this will open up many people’s eyes to the power and utility of teleconferencing, and follow in their example of using it outside of the office. The fact is, conference calls have a great deal to offer to all sorts of groups of people. Teachers and tutors could find it a fabulous tool in their endeavours, and sportspeople could discover conference calls to be a final secret to success, even governments frequently make use of teleconferencing services.

AdminElectronic band tanlines preview their new album via conference call
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