Make a FREE conference call on your iPhone/Samsung/HTC/Nokia or any Other Device

In today’s money-driven environment, you might not believe that there’s a service which allows you to make conference calls from your mobile phone without having a charge appear on your monthly bill. But WHYPAY? is a service that can offer just that – free conference calls that are included in the minutes package you get with your mobile network.

WHYPAY? works out to be free, whether you have unlimited minutes or a set number of minutes each month (as long as you have minutes left to use), and this is because calls to WHYPAY? are treated the same way as calls to land-line numbers – they have to be included in your mobile minutes by law! More on this: How can conference calls be free?

If you’re looking to create a conference call using your mobile device, whether you have a Nokia, HTC, Samsung or any other device, you can start conferencing now at no cost, using WHYPAY?’s 03 dial-in number. For those calling from outside the UK, international charges will be dictated by the network provider.

And for a service that’s so useful and free to use, you mind find yourself using it in all areas of life, whether it’s having a business meeting with co-workers from a hotel room, or giving your sports team a quick pep talk while they’re on the journey to a big game. Even if you are going to be teleconferencing in an office environment, being able to conference call from a mobile could still be extremely useful to you – particularly considering the growing BYOD trend.

There are conferencing services provided by mobile carriers and other websites, but truly free services are a genuine rarity – o2’s ‘Just Call Me’ feature, for example, costs users £5 a month, plus VAT. If you use WHYPAY? as your teleconferencing service, you will be able to make use of genuinely free conference calls, right from your mobile.

As well as being totally free, WHYPAY? is also extremely easy to use. So if you’re unsure as to how to set up a conference call from your mobile, WHYPAY?’s simplicity will put you at ease. All you need to do is visit WHYPAY?’s homepage, hit the Big Green Button and dial-in. No personal information or sign-up is required.

AdminMake a FREE conference call on your iPhone/Samsung/HTC/Nokia or any Other Device
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