What does Ofcom insist upon in relation to 03 numbers?

A conference call allows three or more people to talk to each other at the same time, over a single telephone call. A substantial number of participants can be included in the teleconference with the help of a conference bridge, a server that connects multiple phone lines simultaneously. There are many conference call service providers who provide a range of conferencing solutions to suit every organisation.

Phone conferencing has emerged as one of the most cost effective solutions to communicate, collaborate and cut down on business travelling expenses. What many do not completely understand though, is how consumers are charged by the teleconferencing service providers and how they can avoid huge teleconferencing bills, which are actually a result of arbitrary charges levied by different conferencing service providers. Usually mobile companies do not allow toll free numbers in the free bundled minutes provided by them, so while the caller thinks that the call is free, he is actually being charged for it.

Ofcom or the Office of Communications is a statutory body that supervises and regulates the telecommunications industry in UK. Ofcom published a report which revealed that freephone calls from mobile phones are charged at premium rates, though publicised as free services. As a direct response to this problem, Ofcom introduced 03 numbers. All calls to 03 numbers are charged at the same rate as those to landlines (01 or 02) numbers, whether the call is made from mobile, BT, other fixed line or even payphone. It is also required that calls to 03 numbers be included in the free minutes provided by landline or mobile network providers. Only the talk time that exceeds the free minutes should be charged.

WHYPAY? is one of the best voice conference services available today. Each caller pays for his or her call to the 03 dial-in number. Not only that, calls to WHYPAY? are included in the free minutes available to mobile users, depending on their mobile contracts. WHYPAY? makes call conferencing much cheaper compared to any other conferencing service provider. Teleconferencing with WHYPAY? is simple – with just one click, you get a permanent conference room for free, along with the assurance of best network quality. Then you share the login details with your conference participants; fix up a suitable time and login. It’s as simple as that.

You get a permanent conference room and access PIN. So there is no need to visit WHYPAY? every time you want to have a teleconference. The free WHYPAY? service allows up to 100 participants per conference. There are no additional charges for using this telephone conferencing service.

AdminWhat does Ofcom insist upon in relation to 03 numbers?
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