Why the world’s governments are conference calling

Governments across the globe frequently engage in conference calls, be it with members of their own government who are travelling or stationed abroad, members of foreign governments or NGOs. If groups with such huge power, pressing responsibility and often urgent issues to resolve find the conference call one of their most valuable tools, can there be any doubt that it could be immensely valuable for you?

The communications industry is fast-paced, always undergoing change and development, with some technologies being left at the wayside. Yet governments are still teleconferencing all the time, illustrating how this remains one of the very best mediums of communication. It is perfectly suited for occasions when discussions, debates and decisions must be implemented rapidly, but the issues at hand are complicated, numerous and multi-faceted. Clearly, emails simply can’t cut it – they allow for miscommunication, misunderstandings, misreading or simply missing messages as you read the thread. A conference call allows a group of officials all over the world to engage in immediate conversation, creating the best possible chance that the resolution will be swift and satisfactory.

Many would argue for the benefits of video conferencing, and these certainly exist. However, the simple conference call arguably still remains the easiest and most convenient option. For example, if an urgent teleconference is required between international governments, differing time zones could mean some government officials may not be professionally dressed or in a professional environment. The use of a video conference in such a situation could severely undermine the worth and attention given to this individual’s contributions, as the credibility, respect and authority commanded would be greatly reduced. Moreover, if there are still some bleary-eyed, sleepy participants, the call recording function can allow them to listen back to the discussion as decisions are put into place, to ensure all details are fully understood.

So perhaps this is an area where you should follow in your government’s footsteps and consider that they have made the right decision. Teleconferencing is a truly valuable tool for all, particularly where immediate and deep discussion is required. Many security measures can be taken to increase protection over your conference call, such as secure PINs to enter the call, and they do not require any type of specialist equipment – any kind of landline or mobile telephone will do. What’s more, with some conference call bridges you can conference call for an extremely low price – some providers even offer free conference calls. Trust in your government’s decision, if only when it comes to teleconferencing, and find out why the worlds leaders still use this gem of the communication world.

AdminWhy the world’s governments are conference calling
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