How to make your conference call more secure

With some conference bridges like WHYPAY? offering their services completely free of charge, and all the benefits of conference calling, it’s no wonder that the teleconference has become an everyday tool in the business world. As with any situation involving potential disclosure of sensitive, financial or legal details, security can be a concern that people want to know they need not worry about. With WHYPAY? there are several ways to ensure you can make your conference call more secure, giving yourself and your participants a little peace of mind.

With WHYPAY?, you can generate a free conference call room in seconds, just pushing one button. This gives you a personal, secure PIN and conference room number, which is yours to disclose with whomever you choose. If your conference room has been used by multiple participants, and you want to ensure certain people cannot dial in and listen to a call, you can create a brand new room with a unique room number and PIN. This way, you can be sure of exactly with whom you have shared the information for that room, and know that previous participants will not be dialling in.

WHYPAY? also offers an announcement service you can choose to turn on for your teleconference. This would mean that you would hear exactly who was coming into the call when they did, and so you would have no doubts about who was taking part in the telephone conference. If you are the first person in a conference room, WHYPAY? will announce this as you enter, so you can be sure no body else is in attendance at that time.

A further feature which can boost the security of your conference call is call recording – something WHYPAY? now offers completely free of charge. This is an extremely useful tool and can offer you a great deal of added security: people will not be able to deny what was said during a call, as you will have irrefutable evidence of the conversation. There are many situations in which this would lend you and your company valuable legal security – if you ever get into a tricky situation, you will thank yourself for having turned on the call recording function. You can choose exactly who has access to the recording of the conference call, and it will only be available for 14 days. It’s important that if you wish to keep a copy of the call recording for security reasons, you download the file within these 14 days and save it securely on your computer.

Conference calls, then, are not a reason for added concern about the security of your details. There are many measures you can take, which WHYPAY? can offer great support with, in order to tighten the security of all your teleconferences. You can speak at ease.

AdminHow to make your conference call more secure
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