We saved callers about £255,000 in May. Here’s how…

No matter who you are, where you are or what you are doing, saving money is always a good business idea – especially when there is no sacrifice involved. Similarly, conference calling is almost always a great tool for a business person, or even for personal use. So, saving money while using a tool which could hugely improve your business seems like the perfect move. That’s exactly what you can do with WHYPAY?

How can WHYPAY? save me money?

WHYPAY? does not charge you for using its service, all you have to do is visit the homepage and hit the Big Green Button to create your conference call room. What’s more, teleconferences made using WHYPAY? have absolutely no hidden charges whatsoever – something many conference call bridges can’t claim. In fact, WHYPAY?’s conference calls can have literally no charges at all, as long as you have bundled minutes available. That means that, on every audio meeting you dial into, you are saving upwards of £0.40 every single minute by choosing WHYPAY? Collectively, that amounted to a whopping £255,000 in just one month. How do we get this figure? Well, we take the total number of calls made to WHYPAY? from mobile phones in one month. We then calculate the cost of all these calls based on the average call duration and the standard 40 pence per minute charge imposed by the UK’s main mobile operators to 08 service numbers. 08 service numbers are used by some of the most popular conferencing services in the UK!

How does WHYPAY? work?

In response to the introduction of a new type of number range, 03 numbers, in 2007, WHYPAY? was created to make a genuinely free, genuinely helpful conference call bridge a possibility. This was done by making the dial-in number for every conference call provided an 03 number, which, under Ofcom rulings, has to be included within your bundled minutes. That means there is literally no charge for the conference call at all if you have minutes available on your call package. And even if you don’t have bundled minutes, the call would only be charged at the standard landline rate, rather than the hugely expensive premium rate numbers other providers use.

Where’s the catch?

With WHYPAY?, there is literally no catch. The aim was to create an honest, open, easy to use and affordable teleconference provider, and that’s exactly what has happened. There are no paid services that you might be tempted – or, with some companies, coerced – into buying, and no hidden costs to surprise you when you get your phone bill. It genuinely is as good as it sounds: hassle-free, worry-free, genuinely free conference calling for anybody who wants it.

What are the limits?

With a lot of providers, you can get so-called ‘free’ conference calls, but end up finding that’s with less than ten invitees, has to last a very short space of time, and can only be dialled into a limited number of times. None of this is true with WHYPAY?; conference calls can hold anywhere up to 100 participants, and there is absolutely no cap placed on duration. The only cap you might experience comes from your call provider so check with them to see if they impose one. Other than that you can keep chatting for free until all your bundled minutes run out! What’s more, the conference call room is yours for life, to dial into as often as you like.

How can I sign up?

WHYPAY? requires absolutely no sign up or registration, no personal details need to be provided at all. We know, it sounds all a bit too good to be true. The only thing you need to do is click the Big Green Button on the homepage! Your unique conference call room number will then be immediately generated, and you will be provided with a secure PIN number needed to access the teleconference. Simply share these with the desired participants – something WHYPAY? can do for you via automatic email invitations – and you’re good to go whenever you want.

AdminWe saved callers about £255,000 in May. Here’s how…
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