Is there genuinely a free conference call provider?

Conference calls are an essential element in the operations of any business. With a constant need for communication as businesses continue to expand into a global market, many of them have realised the cost effectiveness of teleconferencing. Conference calls help people connect no matter where they are located around the globe. Many providers offer affordable and easy to useteleconferencing services and solutions. While there are several inexpensive options, there are also opportunities to conduct free conference calls.

Conference calls can be made through toll free numbers. Teleconference services providers like WHYPAY? offer a number of solutions including calls that can be made through 03 numbers. Calls to these numbers are included in free minutes packages offered by mobile operators thereby allowing callers to make free calls. When free minutes are used up, calls to 03 numbers are charged the same as landline numbers including 01 and 02 numbers. This gives businesses the opportunity to conduct free conference calls. The conference call provider issues a toll free number to be dialled in order to begin a teleconference . The major advantage of these calls is that they can be started instantly without the need for any reservations.

Service providers use a conference bridge to enable participants to connect to a conference call. Included in the features is call recording facilities, 24 hour instant access, and other features such as international call conferencing. However, it is prudent to compare various free plans from different providers in order to determine what is right for your business needs. Providers that offer free services route calls through phone exchanges that do not have much traffic. Often, free conference call services are a medium for service providers to advertise their teleconference services and provide additional benefits such as call recording along with other basic services.

When it comes to free conference calls, it is essential to test the services prior to hosting a teleconference. Voice quality may vary amongst providers and you would need to be certain that there are no disruptions due to poor voice quality. Therefore, before you rely on any free conference call services, it is prudent to have a few test runs rather than waste time terminating a call during a live teleconference. There are conference call solutions available over the internet. The clarity of audio in these connections is often as good as paid services, and can be used for business purposes as well.

AdminIs there genuinely a free conference call provider?
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