Low cost conference calls: what are my options?

If you are looking for affordable teleconferencing services , your business needn’t look far. There are a host of conference calls service providers that offer great quality at an affordable price. Thanks to a competitive market, providers seek to offer customers better services at an affordable price. Combined with the fact the company can save time as well as money, teleconferencing is one of the most cost effective solutions. Teleconference services providers offer a host of solutions while some offer free conference solutions as well.

Some providers offer free conference calls for the first few calls that you host while others may offer unlimited use at no cost at all. However, the quality of free services is usually not as good as compared to paid services. They also limit the number of attendees or the length of time that a call can last. Professional conference call service providers like WHYPAY? offer affordable solutions that help you get the best of both worlds, which is top quality service and the opportunity to save money at the same time.

Once you have made the decision to reduce costs with low cost conference calls, there are several factors to consider in order to find the right solution that suits your business. You need to pay attention to the features offered by the providers. This includes call recording, the ability to mute participants, adjust volume, and hold sub conferences with one or more participants. Special attention needs to be paid to the quality of service. The provider must have adequate back up or spare bridges in order to ensure no interruptions in service. A 24/7 support service is also essential, which may not be provided by every provider offering low cost services.

Teleconferencing services come in a variety of types and plans where calls can be made from landlines and mobile phones. Audio conference calls, often referred to as ATC or Audio Tele-Conference are made through a conference bridge , which is a small telephone network linking offices. Service providers offer this solution and maintain the conference bridge. This is an ideal solution for small and large businesses where team meetings, client meetings, and training are conducted on a regular basis. Audio conference calls can be made from a normal landline or a mobile phone.

Service providers also offer online conference call solutions, which are among the lowest priced call options with a number of free services. Along with audio, many providers offer video conferencing, data transfer, and more. For larger companies, the installation of a conference bridge is the ideal choice. Smaller businesses have a choice of landlines and instant messaging programs.

AdminLow cost conference calls: what are my options?
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