Call recording now available – FREE

Following many requests over the last twelve months, we’re delighted to tell you that Conference Call Recording is now available at WHYPAY? as a FREE service for all our users.

Boasting many useful features, call recording is of course optional and can only be used with calls scheduled through the WHYPAY? website. To comply with call recording regulations, all participants are notified when calls are being recorded, both in the email invitations sent to participants and during the welcome announcement as they join the call.

Points to keep in mind

  • Call recordings are stored for seven days giving you and participants time to download the audio files. After this time they are PERMANENTLY deleted.
  • You will receive an email with a download link to the audio file once the call has completed.
  • You can specify which participants receive the download link for the call recording when you are scheduling your conference.
  • Conference calls which are being recorded carry a special announcement to participants as they join the call informing them that the call is being recorded.
  • Email invitations sent from WHYPAY? also carry a notification that calls are being recorded if call recording has been enabled.

Call recording uses and benefits

  • Call recordings can be referred to at future dates for clarification of points discussed during a conference call.
  • Call recordings may eliminate the need for taking notes during conference calls.
  • Written minutes are much easier to produce after a conference call if a recording is available.
  • A conference call recording allows no room for error and eliminates the risk of any misunderstandings in communication.
  • Conference call participants can use recordings as evidence in case of verbal agreements or to refer to instructions by managers.
  • Call recording helps meet legal requirements and maintain accurate records of meetings.
  • For the purpose of training new employees (for customer service and call centre agents, for example), call recording of a previous training session can be useful reducing training costs.
AdminCall recording now available – FREE
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