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How many people should I invite to a conference call?

As teleconferencing services become increasingly popular, service providers such as WHYPAY? constantly improve on conference calling technology to provide customers with cost effective and efficient services. Many basic conference call services are available free of any charges. These may be ideal for small businesses; however, plans differ amongst providers where the number of participants that may be allowed to dial into a conference call may be limited. WHYPAY? doesn’t limit the number of participants that can make a conference call, meaning the service is still free of charge no matter how big your meetings may be.

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AdminHow many people should I invite to a conference call?

Do I need any special equipment to host a conference call?

With businesses seeking to expand their market globally, keeping in touch with employees, stakeholders, and customers via teleconferencing has become the popular mode of communication. Moreover, there are several providers like WHYPAY? that offer affordable teleconferencing services where lines are available 24/7. This enables a great deal of savings on travel and other related expenses every time a crucial meeting needs to be held. Multinationals have realised the significance of teleconference services as a cost effective solution to their communication needs.

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AdminDo I need any special equipment to host a conference call?

Estimating the financial benefits of conference calling

Although teleconferencing services have been around for a while, some companies tend to ignore it in favour of email and chat programs. However, neither email or chat programs can be as beneficial as conference calls. Both forms of communication can be unengaging for busy people, to say the least. For companies that believe in face to face meetings, they can be difficult to co-ordinate, time consuming, and most importantly, very expensive. Travel, accommodation, and other utility expenses for participants that are from out of town can make a big dent in a company’s budget. This is why conference calling is the ideal alternative and has the potential to become a potent business communication tool.

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AdminEstimating the financial benefits of conference calling