Do I need any special equipment to host a conference call?

With businesses seeking to expand their market globally, keeping in touch with employees, stakeholders, and customers via teleconferencing has become the popular mode of communication. Moreover, there are several providers like WHYPAY? that offer affordable teleconferencing services where lines are available 24/7. This enables a great deal of savings on travel and other related expenses every time a crucial meeting needs to be held. Multinationals have realised the significance of teleconference services as a cost effective solution to their communication needs.

Conference calls are similar to regular phone calls except that there are more than two persons connected to a call. All it requires is network support and a teleconference services provider like WHYPAY?. For the most part, no special equipment is required to host a conference call . The number of persons that can connect simultaneously depends on the conference call service provider. Some providers allow participants to connect with an access code while some allow the host to call in the participants through a conference bridge that is hosted by the teleconferencing services provider. The conference bridge is the only piece of equipment required to combine a number of audio and video connections to a single destination. Inbound and outbound signals are processed through a server that has the ability to send multiple signals. The conference bridge routes the signals to the teleconference in progress.

The conference call provider will guide you through the process of setting up a conference call and provide you with a personal identification number. Today, conference bridges can handle up to 960 ports and are packed with many features to ensure the smooth and secure conduct of a conference call. The bridge can be accessed through the internal phone lines. Unlimited conference calling has a flat rate pricing system that allows users to make unlimited conference calls within the subscription period. Conference participants are informed about the date & time, the dial in number and the participant code required for making a conference call.

Unlimited conference call subscribers are registered as leaders and have all the controls such as selecting conference participants, number of participants and time of conference. They have the rights to make unlimited use of conferencing resources supplied by the service provider. Call participants other than the leader are only provided free conference connection and are billed separately for standard long distance call charges. An organisation having branches at different locations across the country can subscribe for a toll free dial in number that does not require participants to pay for long distance calls.

AdminDo I need any special equipment to host a conference call?
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