How many people should I invite to a conference call?

As teleconferencing services become increasingly popular, service providers such as WHYPAY? constantly improve on conference calling technology to provide customers with cost effective and efficient services. Many basic conference call services are available free of any charges. These may be ideal for small businesses; however, plans differ amongst providers where the number of participants that may be allowed to dial into a conference call may be limited. WHYPAY? doesn’t limit the number of participants that can make a conference call, meaning the service is still free of charge no matter how big your meetings may be.

Some conference call providers allow you create a free, personalised conference room and invite as many participants as you like. This is ideal for large seminars where you can invite up to five thousand participants. While these are solutions ideal for businesses, families too can enjoy the privileges of teleconferencing to connect with their loved ones through services of companies such as WHYPAY? and save a significant amount on their calls.

Conference calls help employees in a company work together seamlessly even though they may be located in different cities or countries. Companies can save thousands of pounds on travel and other related expenses since their staff do not need to travel to a meeting. All they need is a PIN and a phone number to dial and get connected to a teleconference. Besides, it is the most cost effective way to stay in touch with both clients and staff. While some calls can be made free through 03 numbers, other calls are often charged at the normal phone rate. Most service providers like WHYPAY? offer low-cost international call charges, which is the ideal solution for companies with a global presence.

It is important to choose the right conference call service provider in order to reap the benefits of cheap calling especially when it comes to making calls through mobiles and international calls. Providers vary in the number of participants allowed according to the type of plan. It would be prudent to research various providers in order to find one that is not only cost effective but provides excellent voice quality along with additional features such as call recording. By using this powerful communications tool, businesses are able to instil a sense of responsibility in their teams, which in turn leads to success. Besides, there is always the advantage of saving on many other costs.

AdminHow many people should I invite to a conference call?
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