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Don’t be that guy!

Sadly, we’ve all been there. Despite your budget protestations, there’s that one friend who is really insistent on trying a new swanky Japanese place or that bistro where all the reality TV stars seem to eat. Finally, they manage to twist everybody’s arms. You’ve all tucked into what was probably a delicious meal when the bill arrives. Of course, you knew it was going to be pretty hefty. What you probably didn’t expect was that your friend was going to pass it around, asking everybody for their contribution.

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AdminDon’t be that guy!

Saving the NHS Money With Our Secure Conference Call Services

NHS conference calls might not be a top-billed new story, but they’re definitely related to some news-worthy information. After all, it seems like every other week we’re reading another story about how much funding the NHS is or isn’t receiving, how it’s spending the money it has, and how it plans to spend the money it might be given. Of course, the more funding the NHS has to put towards treating patients and improving facilities, the better. That’s why we’re thrilled to help reduce spending on NHS conference calls. That way, there’s more to go around for the big stuff. The NHS needs a dedicated medical conference call service and WHYPAY? is a perfect solution.

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AdminSaving the NHS Money With Our Secure Conference Call Services