Don’t be that guy!

Sadly, we’ve all been there. Despite your budget protestations, there’s that one friend who is really insistent on trying a new swanky Japanese place or that bistro where all the reality TV stars seem to eat. Finally, they manage to twist everybody’s arms. You’ve all tucked into what was probably a delicious meal when the bill arrives. Of course, you knew it was going to be pretty hefty. What you probably didn’t expect was that your friend was going to pass it around, asking everybody for their contribution.

 Well, that is pretty much what you’re doing when you don’t pick your conference call provider carefully. Even if you think it’s free, a lot of teleconference providers actually have hidden costs which you might discover once it’s already too late. And while getting a bill you didn’t expect is never a nice surprise, the damage it can do to your professional relationships will probably end up being a much greater cost.

It seems like common sense that you shouldn’t be charging people for the right to talk to you. If your audio meetings tend to be with your employees, expecting them to pay to ‘show up’ to work is definitely not going to make you a good employer to remote staff. And if you’re meeting with clients, you might quickly find the list of them shrinking… Customer service matters, and charging them to speak to you gives out a clear message that you are not prioritising them.

Really, there are countless reasons you might be holding a conference call. But whatever yours are, if you are the one organising the call, you definitely shouldn’t be expecting anybody else to foot the bill. It seems almost unbelievable that this should still be happening considering how easily it can be avoided. It seems like some people still think free conference calls are too good to be true. Well, we’ve been providing them for quite a number of years, so you can take our word for it – they’re good, but they’re certainly real!

Genuinely free conference calling

And that means that you don’t need to be bearing heavy expenses, either! With WHYPAY?, there are no charges whatsoever for joining the call, but there aren’t any expenses for the organiser, either.

That’s because our virtual meeting rooms are accessed using 03 numbers, meaning calls are included in the caller’s bundled minutes. But we also don’t charge a single penny for our service. It’s as simple as hitting the link on the homepage, entering your email address and you’ll be given your room number and access PIN straight away. If you decide you want to set up an account – which we would definitely recommend (it is, of course, still totally free)!

Step up your game without footing the bill

By choosing WHYPAY? for your teleconferences, you’ll be sure that nobody is ever having to pay to talk with you. This can only help to open the lines of communication: everybody will feel much happier to talk for longer, and more regularly, knowing that there are no scary bills looming at the end of the month. And given the importance of collaboration for business success, this could mean a huge boost for your company!

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