Free group phone calls: how to make them and their many uses

Group phone calls are an incredibly powerful and wonderfully simple tool. It’s partly this simplicity which makes them the ideal method of communication for many! Consider the importance of collaboration for success. It’s hardly surprising that a communication tool which brings more people into the conversation should be so popular in all different kinds of fields. In fact, the amount of uses for group phone calls is almost overwhelming. How often do we find ourselves wanting to talk to more than one person at a time, in all areas of our lives?

How to make a group phone call using WHYPAY? – for free!

One of the things that make group phone calls so useful (and popular), is the sheer ease and simplicity of them! But before we dive into all the different reasons why you should consider trying one out for yourself, let’s quickly explain how to do a group phone call.

While there are a number of different options for setting up and carrying out group phone calls, choosing a genuinely free teleconference bridge like WHYPAY? is probably your best and most convenient bet. Otherwise, you could hit obstacles like the difficulties which users of certain mobile network providers have faced – although, having said that, giffgaff users can make group phone calls using WHYPAY?.


Aside from avoiding potential problems, using a free conference call provider will also offer a load of extra benefits, including:

  • Easy scheduling of recurring meetings
  • Added security
  • Up to 50 participants

Not forgetting a free conference call room that’s yours to keep and use as often as you like! What’s more, it is really easy to set up. Simply hit the ‘Create a FREE Conference’ button below to get started!

Create a FREE Teleconference 

You’ll receive the number you need to dial to access the room, the room number, and the secure PIN which ensures nobody is eavesdropping! Just share these with your invitees and let them know what time you want to talk, and you’re good to go. Your group telephone call can start as soon as you’re ready.

Like many others, you might be wondering how to make a group call on an Android phone or iPhone specifically. You’ll be pleased to hear that both operating systems function in the same way. Your WHYPAY? conference room is easily accessible using Android or iPhone devices. Simply dial the number provided as you would a standard phone call. You’ll then be asked for your room number followed by your secure PIN.

Group phone call uses

Now that you understand how to set up a group phone call, how about we explore the plethora of opportunities which teleconferencing can offer. There’s just such an incredible amount of ways that conference calling can be of use to people in all walks of life, that we’ll only really be able to skim the surface. But these are some of the different areas where group phone calls have proven their worth!

Group phone calls in a professional setting

A lot of people associate conference calling with the business world – which is understandable, as conference calls offer a whole host of benefits to businesses. Although they shine in loads of other areas, the different ways in which group phone calls can be used within this field alone is astounding.

1. Changing, training and supporting staff

One sector which can vouch for group phone calls is recruitment agencies, where teleconferencing has shown itself to be really useful. If you’re searching for your new employees, you might like to consider interviewing candidates over the phone. It widens the pool of people you can easily chat with to make sure you really find the best fit. It will also allow you to meet more people in a shorter space of time. And don’t worry, there’s plenty of great advice to get to grips with conducting interviews over the phone.

Once you’ve found the perfect employee, you can use group phone calls to carry out training with new staff. What’s more, a great way of maintaining communication and offering support to customers is through staff support conference calls.

If, for whatever reason, it comes time to part ways with a member of staff, think back to the hiring process: if group phone calls make for good hiring interviews, you can bet that it’s a good idea to hold exit interviews via the telephone too.

2) Boost productivity, efficiency and satisfaction

All business owners or managers want their team to run like a well-oiled machine and be as productive and as happy (which in itself is conducive to productivity) as possible. Here we see even more uses of group phone calls. There are small but very significant details which can make holding a conference call even more useful than a face to face meeting, like the fact that call recording makes for very easy and accurate meeting minutes.

And there are clearly bigger, more obvious factors, like being able to talk to people all over the country – or, thanks to international conference calling, all over the world! That has some important knock-ons, too. It saves the cost for you and all the other attendees to travel to the meeting. Also, potentially, the expense of renting out a meeting space. Plus, you can use all that time you would have spent commuting to get more work done. So group phone calls are beneficial in making businesses more efficient in their use of time and money.

But they’re not just great for getting more out of your employees. They also allow you to give them more, and to create a better work-life balance for yourself, too. There are many great reasons why remote working is becoming increasingly popular and feasible, and a lot of companies are finding that taking a more flexible approach to work is translating to happier and more productive employees. And, of course, maintaining open and convenient channels of communication is one of the keys to being a good employer to remote staff.

Educational group phone calls

Another area where teleconferencing has had an enormous impact is in education, something which has proved incredibly powerful in making education more accessible. Thanks to teachers and tutors giving lessons via group phone call, it becomes much easier to attend the class. That means that students who might miss out due to health, geography, duties, gender or a crisis, get the opportunity to learn.

Group telephone calls are also a really good tool for follow-ups, recaps, and catch-up sessions. Again, this helps to consolidate and guarantee learning for all, even those maybe facing extra obstacles to their learning. Plus, by choosing a conference calling service like WHYPAY?, neither teachers nor students will have to share their contact numbers with each other. That helps maintain a professional relationship and protect all parties’ security and privacy.

Teleconferencing is also an amazing way to exponentially boost the reach of an educational institution’s open day. Consider holding your open day remotely. You’ll almost certainly secure more applicants both within the country and from abroad. After all, it’s not easy, cheap, or even possible to dedicate full days to travel to lots of open days. Let people see what your school, academy, college or university has to offer from the comfort of their homes. It will be much easier for more people to see how great you are!

And they’re great study tools, too. If you’re working on any kind of group research project, with group phone calls you’ll be able to discuss progress much more conveniently and regularly than if you had to attend a physical meeting. There are lots of ways that uni students can use conference calls, from study groups to clubs and societies, to just staying in touch with people back home.

Group phone calls and medicine

Teleconferencing has found its way into the medical world in lots of different, useful ways. Organisations like NAMDET, which offers training to professionals using medical devices, have put conference calling to great use for example.

Others have tapped into telecommunications’ tremendous power in the quest to make healthcare universal, be it by providing therapy and counselling over the phone, setting up innovative and all-encompassing projects like Babylon, or even just allowing GPs to meet with patients remotely. This is a measure which the NHS is working to roll out: that’s how recognised its beneficial potential is!

And in fact, the NHS has found other uses for group phone calls, too. Thanks to choosing WHYPAY? to make NHS conference calls, over £3.9 million was saved between April 2019 and September 2020, which can be put towards providing healthcare! 

Philanthropic, spiritual and ethical uses of group phone calls

Group telephone calls allow staff to live more well-rounded lives. They’re inching us closer toward genuinely universal education. And they make medical care more accessible. This might seem proof enough of the astounding good which teleconferencing can do in the world. And yet, there are wonderful people all around who have found even more ways to harness its power.

Group telephone calls are, for example, helping to address the environmental crisis we’re facing. They’re a great way for businesses to try to offset their carbon emissions, becoming greener while saving money. In fact, it’s a communication method which can help any organisation become more environmentally friendly, by cutting out the need to travel!

It’s also been put to great use by organisations which are working to preserve our planet and its wildlife. Just look at the case study of the wonderful BIBBA. Its work to save the bees has been facilitated by WHYPAY? conference calls.

It’s not only animals we’re saving. Human lives also are protected by group phone calls. We saw this back in 2017, when people came together through group phone calls to help alleviate the famine in Sudan.

Even outside of times of crisis, group phone calls are a great way to maintain a feeling of community and support, and conference calls for prayer groups have proven a really popular way to make sure everybody can access the spiritual guidance they need.

Political group phone calls

Given this power to bring together people from across the world in moments of crisis, it’s unsurprising the world’s governments conference call frequently. In a moment of crisis or an event requiring immediate action, world-leaders need only pick up the phone. They can deliberate with each other and their advisors within seconds. That way, we tackle issues in ways that best suit everybody. We can present a united front, and avoid worsening situations through ignorance.

Conference calls really are a powerful way to bridge gaps between different governments. They also connect governments and their citizens. They allowed the US government to discuss partnerships in the middle east, an event which also exemplifies the democratising power of teleconferencing, as the transcripts were then made publicly available online, allowing citizens to see and understand what’s happening behind the proverbial doors.

Group phone calls in sport

For such a physical field, there’s a surprising amount of conference calling in sport. But thinking about it, it’s not altogether surprising. After all, if group phone calls are such a useful tool for teachers, why wouldn’t sports coaches use teleconferencing, too?

And considering how important team spirit and tactics are in so many different sports, it seems quite logical that good communication is crucial to sporting success. It’s no wonder, then, that sportsmen and women have found group phone calls so useful.

Group phone calls in your personal life

Of course, people you want to be sure you can get in touch with are loved ones. And conference calls are a great way to do this! They help people balance work and life better, and by allowing them to work remotely, to spend more time with the people who matter most. This becomes especially crucial at busy times, like perhaps summer holidays and festive periods, when your personal, familial and professional commitments might conflict more than ever. In fact, teleconferences have done even more to ensure the festive spirit remains alive and well for all, even children who have had to spend the season in hospital.

But they’re also just a handy, simple way to be able to chat with multiple friends or family at once. Thanks to group phone calls, you can stay in touch with loved ones all year round, even if you live in different corners of the world.

 Set up your free group phone call today

Even within this brief overview, it’s pretty clear there are almost innumerable uses for conference calls. In just one day, how many conversations do you have with multiple people? How many more would you like to have had? Tot it up, and you’ll see how frequently you could be making group phone calls. And by using a genuinely free conference call provider like WHYPAY?, this could be a reality without costing you a penny!

So set up your conference call room today. There are countless opportunities with the variety of conference call features available for you to explore. It’s quick, easy, and free. Why not?

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