How to conference call on mobile phones

Joining a conference call on a mobile is really easy. In fact, you can dial into WHYPAY? conference calls on mobiles, landlines – any type of phone, including iPhone, Android and Windows phones.

As group phone calls have so many uses, and one of the benefits of teleconferences is the ability to work remotely and communicate on the go, knowing how to conference call on mobiles is important. After all, mobile conference calls are a huge part of modern life.

WHYPAY? conference calls

If you’re looking for mobile phone conference calls, WHYPAY? is a good place to start. WHYPAY? conference calls can be hosted on ANY UK mobile or landline phone. Even a payphone will work.

Use our free conference call service to generate your own conference dial-in details. There’s no call merging or complicated set up process required. You simply get the conference details, and then ask all participants to place a normal phone call to the standard rate phone number and they will be connected together in a conference call.

Be careful though. Not all ‘free’ conference services provide a phone-bill-friendly dial-in number. Make sure the number you dial in on begins with 01, 02 or 03 as these numbers are classed as ‘standard rate’ and are included in any free calls/minutes regardless of which UK phone network you are using.

Once you’ve created your conference details, you can simply arrange for all conference participants to dial in from their own mobile or landline phones at the same time.

While some people have hit roadblocks due to things like mobile network provider, there’s no need to despair if you want to conference call on mobile! Even people on on Giff Gaff (which currently doesn’t allow ‘call merging‘) can still make conference calls via a free service such as WHYPAY?. And no matter your network or whether you’re on iPhone, Android or Windows, joining WHYPAY? conference calling on mobiles is completely possible and crucially, FREE.

Set up dial-in details for your conference call

Obtaining conference details with WHYPAY? and organising the conference, can be smoothly and quickly done from your mobile. Simply click onto the WHYPAY? homepage and hit ‘Create a FREE Conference’. Or, as you’re here anyway, click the button right here:

Create a FREE Teleconference

Just enter your contact information to create a conference call login. You’ll be presented with the conference call details immediately. These will grant you unlimited mobile conference calls – or any kind of conference call you need! We’ll give you an access number to dial, a room number, and a PIN to safeguard your privacy. Then just decide when you want to hold the meeting, and pass the dial-in details to anybody you want to join.

Can joining a conference call on a mobile be free?

In short, yes. And with WHYPAY?, not only joining but scheduling and hosting conference calls is free of charge, no matter whether you’re dialling in from a UK mobile or landline. That’s because WHYPAY? doesn’t charge anything for the service it provides. And don’t worry about our financial well-being. You can find out here how WHYPAY? can afford to be free.

You do have the option so sign up to a paid plan if you’d like. That will give you access to a few extra features, which can boost your conference call whether you join from a mobile or landline.

Whatever plan you’re on, neither you nor your guests will get a hefty phone bill at the end of the month. Whether you join the conference call from mobile or landline phones, all WHYPAY? conference call rooms are accessed by dialling 03 numbers. According to Ofcom regulations, these have to be included within callers’ bundled minutes.

Basically, if you have a mobile or landline phone contract which includes a certain amount (or unlimited) phone calls, as long as you haven’t used all of these up, the call won’t cost you a penny.

If you don’t have any included minutes, joining our conference calls on mobile phones will still only cost the standard rate for calling landlines. That means it would be the same as calling any 01 or 02 number in the UK.

Dialling into conference call from your mobile

Once the call is scheduled, whether by your or somebody else, actually dialling in to it is just as simple. When the time for the meeting comes around, simply pick up your phone and dial the 03 number provided. It’s like placing any call. When prompted, use the keypad on your phone to enter your unique conference room number, and then the secure PIN. And you’re in!

Whether you’re using an iPhone, an Android, a Windows phone, conference calls on mobiles are that simple. You can even join the conference call from a landline if you like, and it will still be free.

The conference call room will be yours to talk in undisturbed with up to 100 participants, for as long as you like, as often as you like. And you certainly won’t have to try to be brief to save money. Talk to your heart’s content.

By using WHYPAY? for your conference calls, you’ll make sure that even if your invitees are joining the conference call from mobile phones, they won’t get stuck with a bill. This is important not only for things like customer services, but to make sure you’re being a good employer to remote staff, or even just not charging your friends for the luxury of chatting with you.

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