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Giff Gaff Conference Calls – how to make a 3 way call with Giff Gaff

There is a popularly held belief that three is in fact the magic number – if De La Soul says it, it must be true. We’re also pretty sure that, mathematically speaking, if two heads are better than one, three heads are probably better than two. After all, collaboration is an immensely powerful tool, whether in the business world or in any other kind of endeavour: team work does make the dream work. The problem is that for a lot of Giff Gaff users, this is proving a little tricky. Many people are struggling to hold 3 way calls with Giff Gaff, which is why we’ve decided to put together a quick guide to make sure that nobody is barred access to this simply wonderful and wonderfully simple communicative asset.

A common problem with a tried and tested solution?

If you take a look at Giff Gaff community forums like this one, where people are trying to find a way to conference call from a Giff Gaff number, you’ll find that a few people are suggesting using WHYPAY? as an easy, efficient and – crucially – free way to make 3 way calls with Giff Gaff. And if it’s worked for them, we’re confident we can help you out, too!

How to make a 3 way call using WHYPAY?

Whether you take their word for it or not, with a conference call bridge this simple to use, which requires no commitment and no payment, why not find out for yourself if WHYPAY? could be the solution to your 3 way calling needs (or indeed, a conference with far more participants!). Follow these easy steps to your genuinely free multi-participant audio-meeting, whether you’re a Giff Gaff user or not.

1) Head to the WHYPAY? homepage

To get started on your way to free conference calling, simply click onto and from there generating your free conference call room is really easy. Just click on that big red button that says ‘Create FREE Conference’.

2) Enter your email address

All you’ll need to do is register your email address so that we can send you the details to access your virtual meeting room. Although creating a WHYPAY? account can give you a lot of great benefits, you don’t need to make one if you’d rather not, or you don’t have the time right now.

3) Get your access details

Your conference room will be immediately generated, and we’ll provide you with the details you and your other two (or more) callers will need to access it. This is just the number which you’ll dial, your unique conference room number and the secure PIN which helps guarantee your security – something we take very seriously at WHYPAY?.

4) Invite your participants

If you do decide to make an account, sending out invitations to your conference call is really, really simple. Even if you don’t, you can send out an email with the time of the audio meeting and the access details (but it’s worth giving some thought to privacy and security when you’re sharing these details).

5) Set up a schedule for recurring audio meetings

If this three way call is something that you want to happen regularly, having a WHYPAY? account makes conference call scheduling easy. None of you will ever forget your appointment, whether it’s a monthly strategy review or a catch-up with school friends at the beginning of every university semester!

6) Dial your 03 number to access the conference room

This is the part which explains how WHYPAY? can afford to provide truly, totally free conference calls. It’s because our teleconferences are accessed using 03 telephone numbers. Thanks to Ofcom rulings, calls to 03 numbers have to be included within the caller’s bundled minutes, which means there will be no extra charge on your phone bill! If you don’t have a phone contract, or you’ve used up all of your bundled minutes for the month, the call will still only cost the same as any call to a standard landline number. You can access the conference call from any mobile phone, from an office phone, from your home phone: whatever works for you.

The same is, of course, true for the people invited to the call. Neither you nor your participants will have to pay a penny for your three way call – so you don’t risk lumping your conference call invitees with an unfair bill!

7) Enjoy your free conference call room to your heart’s content!

For Giff Gaff users as well as people using any other mobile network, once you have generated your free WHYPAY? teleconference room, it’s yours for keeps. You can use it as often or as infrequently as you need, for as long as you can all talk, and with anywhere up to 100 participants joining in the conversation.

Accessing it will always be as easy, and free, and having a regularly scheduled conference call can work wonders for your productivity. Whatever your reasons are for wanting to hold a three way call with (or without) a Giff Gaff number, with WHYPAY? you’ll be able to when and wherever you want.

GabiGiff Gaff Conference Calls – how to make a 3 way call with Giff Gaff
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