Saving the NHS Money With Our Secure Conference Call Services

NHS conference calls might not be a top-billed new story, but they’re definitely related to some news-worthy information. After all, it seems like every other week we’re reading another story about how much funding the NHS is or isn’t receiving, how it’s spending the money it has, and how it plans to spend the money it might be given. Of course, the more funding the NHS has to put towards treating patients and improving facilities, the better. That’s why we’re thrilled to help reduce spending on NHS conference calls. That way, there’s more to go around for the big stuff. The NHS needs a dedicated medical conference call service and WHYPAY? is a perfect solution.

Obviously we know that good communication is vital to pretty much any venture or organisation. People are becoming increasingly aware that teamwork and collaboration are key to success. Keeping everybody on track, informed and motivated is as necessary for the NHS as for any organisation. We definitely don’t want its staff having to cut back on conference calling. Equally, they shouldn’t have to revert to outdated, inefficient and slow methods of communication. We’ve seen the NHS itself recognise this, when it said a final farewell to the fax machine. We know how helpful telecommunications can be in the medical world. It’s been great in making healthcare more accessible. It’s far from surprising that the NHS conference calls would prove so useful.

But the problem is, teleconferencing can be costly. It’s important that everybody does their research before committing to any provider, taking into account your specific needs and budget. Of course, one particular requirement that NHS users would have is security. When you’re dealing with information as sensitive as people’s health, you need absolute confidence in the privacy of your calls.


How our services improve NHS conference call security

With our secure conference call services, NHS staff can get free conference calls without compromising on security. We take the security of all our calls extremely seriously. There are lots of measures in place to that end.

Only the organiser is able to see the conference call room and its entry PIN. It’s up to them who they share it with, guaranteeing that they are in total control of who can enter the virtual meeting room. You can send invites using the invitation system in the WHYPAY? portal. Organisers can also choose to share it via their own internal communications platform. In order for anybody to enter the call, they will have to know the 8-digit room code and the secure 4-digit PIN. That means that there are over a trillion possible permutations. By switching on the announcement feature, you can have the extra confirmation of exactly who has joined the NHS conference call.

Connections to our WHYPAY? portal are secured using modern cryptographic standards, such as TLS1.2 and modern cipher suites. All conference rooms also let you record the in-progress conference call if you so choose. That means you can have a record of everything said, and look back on whenever it’s necessary. Conference recordings are stored on segregated, secure file storage servers, housed in heavily access-controlled data-centres. Only specific employees can access our physical infrastructure.

Only the conference room organiser and specifically selected delegates can access these recordings. All must have a WHYPAY? account. Anonymous access and direct links to conference call recordings is not possible. You can only download your recording on the WHYPAY? portal.

Call recordings are also deleted 14 days after the conclusion of a call. Users must download their calls during this time to keep them. After 14 days, the recordings are deleted, and the sectors on disk overwritten to ensure complete erasure.


How many NHS conference calls do we handle?

Given the high security of our calls, it’s no wonder that so many members of staff from the NHS have turned to WHYPAY? for their conference calling needs. In fact, 6.2% of our registered users are from the NHS. During 2018, more than 35,000 calls placed to WHYPAY? were to NHS owned conference rooms. That’s a lot of free teleconferencing!


What are the benefits of our teleconference services for NHS professionals?

Before we get onto the more obvious financial benefits of WHYPAY? for the NHS, here’s how we can make the working lives of NHS staff easier and, in general, happier.

  • Our Speed Dial function creates convenient access for NHS workers who are, almost certainly, rushed off their feet!
  • The WHYPAY? support team is always available to assist via live chat, email, and telephone. Our Helpdesk is one of the most important parts of our website. If you ever need immediate assistance, you can count on us.
  • Our technical team has ensured that our carrier network is faultless, providing crystal clear sound quality with zero technical hiccups. Your work is important, and the last thing you want is a glitchy conference call.
  • You can have up to 100 conference call rooms. The NHS is of course a huge organisation. With this size you can get things done no problem. 
  • As we’ve said, our security is second to none in the conference call sector. Security and data handling are huge concerns for the NHS. We make sure that our network is airtight.
  • You can even select your waiting music. Say goodbye to irritating elevator music!
  • You’ll get 14 days’ worth of free storage where all recorded calls will be stored. You’ll likely need to refer to past calls, or save team comms for later reference. With us, it’s easy.
  • Scheduling and invitations areis simple. Our platform works alongside your calendar so that you can seamlessly schedule calls across multiple different teams. 
  • You can upload a custom welcome greeting so that you can proudly represent the NHS when you’re speaking with external groups. 
  • Take advantage of our video tutorial guides, with which you can get to grips with using the platform and get the most out of your package.

How much money is the NHS saving on conference calls?

Since we started recording monthly cost savings for our users (at the beginning of 2015), we’ve saved callers almost £28m in unnecessary call charges to telephone conference services. On the assumption that the overall proportion of NHS / total users of the WHYPAY? service has remained constant at around 6%, we would estimate total savings NHS over the last four years of around £1.7m.


How can WHYPAY? save the NHS money?

And how exactly is WHYPAY? able to generate such impressive savings? Well, it’s because we don’t charge our users a penny for the service we provide. A lot of conference call providers claim to offer free conference calling, but when you look closely you start to find hidden costs popping up. Not so with WHYPAY?. Because our conference calls are accessed via 03 numbers, callers only have to pay the costs of placing these calls. For most people, this means no cost at all. That’s because calls to 03 numbers count in your bundled minutes. If you don’t have bundled minutes available, you’ll still only pay the standard rate for calls to a normal landline number.

Because of this, we’ve been able to help save the NHS a huge amount on its telecommunications bills. We’re really proud of how much extra good all that money can do to help people’s health. We think conference calling is truly important and valuable. Still, it definitely shouldn’t be eating into a budget which could be crucial and life-changing. If you’re working with the NHS, why not join 14,000 colleagues who are already WHYPAY? users and help save the NHS even more money!

Take advantage of our NHS conference call services


We’re helping countless medical professionals up and down the country, and we could help you too. Communication is vital in every organisation, not to mention one as important as the NHS. Our conference call features hold so many benefits, and you’ll be glad to hear that with dedicated support services, our team is always on hand to help. 

Browse our free conference call services, and keep an eye on our blog (it’s regularly updated with all you need to know about communications and conference call news). If you’re still not convinced, our conference call reviews should steer you in the right direction. 

AdminSaving the NHS Money With Our Secure Conference Call Services
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