Why you should have a free WHYPAY? account

You might have noticed that our quick conference facility has changed and we now request that you create a free WHYPAY? account if you want to add new conference rooms. We are running a two week trial to understand the impact of asking users to create accounts on the use of advanced features such as call recording, call scheduling and participant announcements – all of which are completely FREE!

We can assure you the sign-up process is pain-free and extremely quick and easy. Simply click the link in the email we send with your conference room details, set your password and voila! You are the proud owner of a free WHYPAY? teleconferencing account.

WHYPAY? account features

So you’re wondering: what exactly are the benefits of having a WHYPAY? account? Lots! Account holders can access a bunch of features. These include:

  • Call recording and recording distribution
  • Call scheduling
  • Send participant invitations along with meeting agendas
  • Conference reminders
  • Up to 100 participants on each call
  • Participant announcements
  • PIN change feature
  • Up to 50 (yes, fifty!) rooms
  • Conference call history

*Some features are only offered on subscription plans.

Why register?

If you’ve never used any of these features before when teleconferencing, you might think you have no need for them. However, we assure you they are of huge benefit to all organisations, large or small. For instance, if one of your participants is unavailable at the time of your conference, you could simply turn on conferencing recording and WHYPAY? will send a link to download the recording to anyone you nominate. We don’t even require the organiser to be present on the call.

We also appreciate that copying and pasting conference details and sending them out to participants each time you want to have a call can be a nuisance. This is why we have built a conference scheduler for all of our account holders. This feature enables hosts to add the email addresses of participants they’d like on the call, select a time and date, and we do the rest! We generate and send out email invitations containing all the information people need to join a call along with bonuses such as a speed dial button and calendar event files. You can even set the call recurrence (daily, weekly, monthly, first Tuesday of the month, etc.) and everything will be taken care of. We appreciate how busy our users are and understand it is easy to forget when meetings are scheduled, so we send automated conference reminders to all your participants 15 minutes before the call is due to start.

How will this affect me?

First and foremost, we would like to stress that we have no intention of inundating our account holders with emails other than service messages which they elect to receive (e.g. conference reminders, call recording and cost saving notifications). The reason we are trialling this is that we believe the vast majority of WHYPAY? users may be completely unaware of the amazing features available to account holders  - all free of charge. And, the more these features are used; the more you share the benefits of free conferencing; the more features we’ll continue to develop for our users. This is evidenced by the introduction of call recording, something requested by WHYPAY? users and added a couple of years ago. We’ll continue to create and implement new features and enhance the service for everyone who uses WHYPAY? and close contact with our existing users is crucial in understanding what our development roadmap should look like and which features we should prioritise.

Finally, we just want to say thank you for using WHYPAY? and we would welcome and invite any feedback. If you want to let us know anything about your WHYPAY? experience please do drop us an email to [email protected] or click here to go to the helpdesk.

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AdminWhy you should have a free WHYPAY? account
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