Why record conference calls?

There is nothing more frustrating in a conference than trying to furiously scribble down notes faster than the speaker delivers them. Equally as frustrating is trying to decipher someone else’s hieroglyphic-like scrawls post meeting. If you want to avoid having to resort to either of these then this post is for you.

A large number of us don’t fully understand the power of using call recording until it is too late. The instant we realise that our note taking skills are abysmal, vital information is missing or something which was said has been misheard entirely are times we wish we could go back and hear all the information again.

If only the conference call had all been recorded, and was readily available to play back whenever we needed to revisit the meeting.

Here are just a few reasons why recording your conference calls would hugely benefit your business:

Improved note-taking

Unless you are a court reporter then we can assume that you’re short-hand writing skills aren’t magnificent. Furthermore, the purpose of conference calls isn’t solely to take notes, you should also be actively taking part in the discussion. If you are busy trying to write down what is being said you will inevitably lose track of where the conversation is heading and end up contributing things such as “erm” to the meeting. Recording the call allows you to give your undivided attention to the conference and instead take notes once it is over, by simply playing it back to yourself at an adequate time.

Employee training

If you are holding the conference call in order to provide your employees with some form of training or deliver some important information, then recording the call could be beneficial as this way all the participants can come away with a copy of the meeting. If there is something which they forget in the future, they can simply download the recording and revisit that particular aspect of the conference.


Conference calls exist as a means to avoid having to actually meet up face to face – this saves time and money for participants and is a far easier method of orchestrating meetings. However, it is still inevitable for some people to be unable to take the call at times, meaning they miss the conference. This then results in someone who actually was on the call having to try and brief the non-attendee on everything that was discussed and let them know of any action they may need to take as a result of the meeting. This approach can be risky as it is very easy to miss vital bits of information. Call recording would cut out this middle man and instead allow anyone who is unable to attend to access the meeting at a time which suits them.

As WHYPAY? offer completely free conference calling, why don’t you give it a go and see how your business could benefit from this feature too!

AdminWhy record conference calls?
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