Would you be better suited to working remotely?

Over four million people in the U.K. are estimated to work solely from home. This increase is due to the way we work evolving, meaning going into an office every day isn’t necessarily beneficial for every job role.

Though it may appear that it’s mainly the employees who are better off for working remotely, employers also benefit massively as they require less office space and can therefore cut costs of rent significantly. Advancing technology means it is extremely easy for workers to contact the office from wherever they may be, thus driving the rising number of people working from home.

Higher productivity rates than office workers

While office workers are required to adhere to certain rules and regulations, such as remaining at their own desks, remote workers can sit where they like. In a sense this can allow for greater levels of creativity from those who work remotely. Working from home adds a new dimension of comfort that cannot be achieved within an office environment. If you get tired of sitting at your dining table while you work, you can move through to the lounge and curl up on the sofa with a cup of tea and your laptop. A survey carried out by Canada Life found that homeworkers actually ranked their productivity as 7.7/10 in contrast to office workers who only scored 6.5/10.

Wi-Fi is readily available

While ten years ago it may have been hard to come across a Wi-Fi connection that wasn’t painfully slow at best, decent free Wi-Fi is now readily available in most coffee shops and libraries. In addition, while household internet access was merely 57% in the U.K., it has drastically increased and currently stands at 89%. This means that the vast majority of us would be able to use our Wi-Fi at home to get our work done. For the few that don’t, using your mobile device as a personal hotspot could also be an option, 70% of adults in the U.K. accessing internet ‘on the go’ using their phones.

No dress code

If you are an office worker living in London, then the discomfort that comes with wearing a suit on the long commute underground is all too familiar to you. Office-wear is very restrictive and can often prevent workers from feeling like individuals, inhibiting their creativity and enthusiasm at work. Working remotely from work means this needn’t be an issue as you can wear whatever you like from the comfort of your home.

Boost your morale

Sitting in the same chair at the same desk, 9-5 every single day is inevitably going to result in increased stress levels. However, studies have found that 82% of remote workers have reported lower stress levels. This is not only beneficial for the employees, but also for the companies that employ them. This is as these workers will work more productively and are far less likely to need to take sick days off work.

AdminWould you be better suited to working remotely?
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