Remote working: what’s it all about? Is it the new way to work?

Technology is developing and multiplying at an incredible rate, with new improvements and innovations being made every day. As these changes occur, more and more people are able to perform the tasks necessary for their jobs without having to actually go into their place of work. As a consequence the way that we work is seemingly undergoing a revolution.

Is it a good change for the business?

Working away from the office undoubtedly has its attractions to many people on a personal level, but how will it impact businesses’ success? Studies into these developments are frequently finding that working away from the office actually increases many employees’ productivity, making the move a great thing for a lot of companies.

A recent survey concluded that a majority of office workers in the UK right now are able to work away from the office, with the figure coming in at 54%.

A small minority of 17% felt that remote working made them less efficient workers, while 30% said they observed a noticeable increase in their productivity when their place of work was moved from their office.

Is it for everybody?

Of course, the results of working away from the office depend on a range of factors. Your particular line of work, the details and requirements of your job from day to day and your personality are three hugely crucial factors in determining whether remote working is suitable for you.

If you work creatively within a team of designers, your work may be too reliant on visuals and collaboration for remote working to be a viable permanent option for you. For some jobs, like estate agents, remote working is an impossibility, as your job already requires you to travel to different locations every day. However, that does not mean that the paperwork side of such professions cannot be completed from home rather than from an office space.

The fact is, right now a considerable majority of companies in the UK seem to be employing flexible working to some degree, with 65% of those recently surveyed saying they had implemented it in some form. This makes sense, as 70% of workers have stated that they consider the option to work remotely is of great importance.

How can the transition be made easier?

There are a lot of tips for working away from the office, as it becomes a more and more commonly seen move. For some, it can be a cause for anxiety and worry as they may fear they will lose touch with what is going on or become less important to the company overall. Confusion can also arise as to what is actually expected of employees as they work away from their employers and co-workers.

For that reason, clear communication is perhaps the most important aspect of successfully working away from the office. Frequent conference calls with your team and your employers can be a great way to make sure you always feel in the loop and remain as productive as ever, having a clear idea of what your tasks are for each day.

As the practice grows, it is something you should certainly start to consider for your business, if you haven’t already. With all the different communication and productivity technology out there, there is probably an opportunity for some remote working within your business, and giving people the chance to make the most of it can make a huge difference to morale and relationships, as well as increasing productivity. Find out whether it can work for you!

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AdminRemote working: what’s it all about? Is it the new way to work?
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