Could your business save £100k a year on conference calls?

Saving money can never really be a bad idea, can it? Particularly when you can save without compromising on quality or functionality. And that’s exactly what many happy users have found with WHYPAY?. If your business teleconferences frequently, you too could make savings of £100,000 or more in the next year by switching to WHYPAY?. That would leave you with a very nice sum to put towards crucial components of your business budget.

Who could save money with WHYPAY??

WHYPAY? is such a simple, accessible tool with such a universal purpose that almost anybody could use it. It’s not just for businesses which already hold frequent conference calls. In fact, if you have conversations with more than one person at a time – whether in your private or professional life – then conference calls could probably be useful for you.

Group phone calls really do have innumerable uses, and if you’re paying for yours then choosing WHYPAY? as your provider could save you heaps. Of course, ‘heaps’ isn’t the most accurate of measurements… If you’d like to know just how much you could save, we’ve put together a nifty saving calculator for you. Just follow this link, input a couple of basic details and we’ll tot up your potential savings.

Meaningful savings

While saving money is a great idea for everybody, there are certain groups which have found it particularly impactful. In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, it’s ever been more pressing for the NHS to have as much funding as possible. There have been staggering public efforts and campaigns to raise money for the service, like social media running challenges and Captain Tom Moore’s celebrated laps of his garden.

These are truly wonderful feats, which have made a massive difference to countless lives. As well as raising funds, though, it’s important to use them wisely. That’s why so many NHS workers have been thrilled with the savings WHYPAY? creates. While the NHS has been saving with WHYPAY? for years (reaching nearly £2 million back in 2018) more and more are turning to WHYPAY? to stay in touch during these trying times, without cutting into the essential budget.

Charities and non-profits have also found WHYPAY? a vital tool. Collaborating and communicating are perhaps more important than ever as we try to battle through uncharted waters. But they’re also more challenging than ever in the face of social distancing rules. At the same time, charities and non-profits in general simply don’t have the funds to be forking out for swanky digital collaboration tools. By using WHYPAY?, they can ensure that their essential work gets done without compromising their budget or – crucially – their safety.

Even if your business’s work isn’t so distinctly noble, having extra room in your budget to grow your business is always a great thing, however you choose to use it. And with the extra challenges to actually working physically together, as well as the fact that they’re likely to change the way we work forever, choosing your teleconferencing provider wisely is more important than ever before.


Do businesses really save so much money with WHYPAY?

For most people, teleconferencing is either part and parcel of daily life, or it’s some workplace jargon with little relevance to them. In both cases, it’s likely not something you’d consider a major expense, or a crucial item on the budget. It’s like your daily coffee: you spend with such regularity, in small amounts and on what feels utterly indispensable, that you don’t even question it.

But questioning it really can leave to such big savings. Once you start to consider the alternatives to big-name providers, you’ll realise how much you’re spending and (importantly) how much you don’t have to.

We’re not just saying it. We have the numbers to back us up. Among our highest savers there appear several NHS organisations, one of which saved a ginormous £122,682.00. A construction firm came in close behind, saving £99,976.00 in 12 months. One furniture company saved £59,232.00. And an environmental charity had an extra £41,017.00 to put towards protecting the wonders provided by Mother Nature.


How does WHYPAY? save users so much money?

People are often skeptical of WHYPAY?. We understand – it can sound too good to be true. And the question on many people’s lips (and which gave name to the company) is ‘why would anybody be paying if it were possible to do it for free?’. Well, our point exactly…

But, as is often the case, the magic has a very simple explanation. It is often the simplest things which work the best – a bit like teleconferencing itself.

The first point is that WHYPAY? doesn’t charge anything for providing its service. Unless you choose to subscribe to one of our paid plans, you won’t be paying any kind of membership or subscription fee whatsoever.

The second point – and this is a biggie, so pay attention – is that we use 03 numbers for our conference calls. We followed in the infinite wisdom of De La Soul and found this number to be the dash of magic we needed to provide a truly free service.

That’s because according to Ofcom rulings, calls to 03 numbers must be charged in the same way as calls to standard UK landlines. For the vast majority of UK callers, calls to standard landlines are included in bundled minutes. That means that as long as you have minutes included in your contract, the call won’t cost you a penny.

As a result, neither the host nor the participants have to pay anything at all for the conference call. In this, we differ from all of the well-known providers you might be used to using, who only offer more expensive 084 numbers on their free plans, or make the host pay for their participants’ minutes. Or worse still, make everybody pay to attend the audio meeting!


Could you save with WHYPAY??

To find out just how much your savings could be, you should check your contract with your network provider. First you’ll want to be sure of how they charge calls to standard UK landlines.

If they’re included in your bundled minutes, you’ll want to know how many of those you have. These days, most contracts offer unlimited calls to standard UK numbers, but it’s always worth double-checking to avoid unexpected charges!

We’ve also put together this handy breakdown, where you can check how much a conference call is likely to cost you depending on your mobile network provider.

And of course, our savings calculator is the ultimate tool if you really want some detailed calculations.


I’m not conference calling, so this can’t save me money

If you don’t already have frequent conference calls, don’t think that these savings don’t apply to you. In fact, the opposite is likely to be true. After all, holding a face-to-face meeting is almost certainly more expensive than a conference call. You have to factor in travel costs (as well as the time spent commuting!), renting meeting space, providing refreshments, often even paying for accommodation… When you start to factor everything in, you’ll see that a genuinely free conference call could save you some serious sums in a year.

So why delay? Whether you’re a frequent dialler or a newbie just learning the teleconferencing ropes, choose WHYPAY? to save your organisation or yourself some money.

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AdminCould your business save £100k a year on conference calls?
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